Violent and sincere, “Joker” is not a joke

The film industry generally believes that the original “King Kong” is an allegory of African colonialism and the slave trade. Filmmakers, including Quentin Tarantino, believe that it doesn’t matter whether this is the intention of the 1933 film: this is the film made, influenced by the subjective worldview and the subconscious mind of the people involved. Influence. Production:
This brings us to “Joker”, which is the most anticipated movie of 2019 and one of the most controversial works this year. The audience paid attention to the origin of the notorious super villain, watched the beginning of the man behind the make-up, and watched him deal with the harsh struggle of daily life in Gotham City where crime and rats are infested. Here, men reflect the city: isolation, frustration, jealousy and anger, on the verge of collapse.
There is so much discussion about “Joker” that another personal comment can get lost in the vortex of noise. As more and more people get a chance to see this movie, the noise will get louder. However, I have to say: “Joker” is a powerful, inspiring and effective movie. For better or for worse, it is important and relevant, because it is so close to home, it is very scary, reflecting the negative and cynical atmosphere of most people in modern Western society.
So we go back to the “King Kong” comparison: it doesn’t matter if this explanation is the intention of director Todd Phillips and his team. This is the movie they made. This is how “Joker” has been and will continue to be understood: a fable that observes the worst factors in society with a microscope, and illustrates its main theme in an overly stylized, cinematic presentation.
“Joker” is without a doubt a win for the movie. Joaquin Phoenix (Joaquin Phoenix) injects charm into this character, and I daresay that sympathy should make you and your cognitive dissonance uncomfortable. Although his affected and smooth movements are equally exciting and tempting, this man was pushed to the brink by the suffering of his survival today, and he acted in unexpected but violent ways, making him the vanguard and center of a society that rejected him. He achieved the fame he was seeking in a much more twisted way than he had imagined, but it still came. The stark iteration of this role makes you wonder, despite everything he has done and will do, can you understand his point of view?
This is a movie of serious choice—choosing to feature the original and dark version of Joker, killing people suddenly, cruelly and unceremoniously. Demonstrate options for a complete Joker transition with Gary Glitter songs. As my good friend Joe said, the decision to let filmmakers know about a film can be interpreted as a “call” to dissatisfied people in society. These choices have now been made. Whatever happens, inside and outside the film industry, one thing is certain: we will talk about “clowns” for a long time.

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