India is one of the largest democracies in the world. It has one of the longest written Constitutions. It has the largest judiciary and is known for unity in diversity.
Preamble mentions that India is the sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic and republic. It talks about equality, justice and harmony among the people of the nation.
Again India is the largest democracy of the world as here all the leaders and representatives are elected by the people of India and for the people of India through voting. People can elect any eligible representative as their leaders who work for people's welfare.
How nice it feels to hear the above mentioned facts? Doesn't that seem to be a full fledged India where each and every person under the shed of the Constitution would be enjoying their right? But the sad thing is that's not the reality and truth.
From the bird's eye view it seems to be so settled and perfect but deep inside how messy it is, it's hard to mention.
Despite having the right to equality there are many who don't get it. Despite the right to education there are many who aren't allowed to be educated. Despite having the right to speech there are so many whose voice is suppressed still.
There are many rights mentioned in the Constitution. There are many who don't enjoy these rights as the system of society doesn't allow it.
Along with these basic rights, Indian Constitution provides special privilege to backwards classes of the society, and women, but in reality do they gain equal status? No, they don't.
There are still many people who behave inhumane towards people. For them democracy and freedom don't matter. Sometimes parents don't give basic rights to their children. Husbands don't give it to their wife. Father to his daughter. The Constitution and democracy could give basic rights but what about real rights? Not everybody gets this in the Indian society.
Let's say for instance, if anybody faces a fraud or crime or theft there are uncountable laws mentioned in the Constitution against the crime. Various punishments have been mentioned under different laws for the one who commits any crime. But who enforces them? Nobody.
No one files complaints against the crime and criminal. Officers are not ready to accept those FIRs. Luckily, if anyone writes the complaint no action is taken. If an action is taken, the criminal can easily bribe and get a bail.
In India, courts work with the speed of a tortoise. Lakhs of cases are still kept pending in the major courts of district and nation. Everyday, so many people go to the police stations and courts with the hope of getting justice but they never get it as mentioned in the Constitution.
In India, the main reason why girls don't feel comfortable to go out, or work night jobs is because people here make them feel unsafe. Though when one looks from afar, a person might be feeling that there are so many measures and privileges given for the security of a lady, but the thing is it's only mentioned. In reality they are not given.
When a girl is raped, or faces acid attack, she has to fight for her right with the pain for years. Sometimes her parents have to fight for 10 years for their daughter's rights even after her death. Nirbhaya is the best example.
In the judiciary system, the justice giving pattern in India is so pathetic that here people have to struggle.
For getting a signature in a government office one has to cover hundreds of tables.
The baic brick of democracy is electing representatives by the vote of the people. Do they win by honestly contesting the election? Of course not.
Politicians try to influence people for the vote by making false promises. They offer various schemes for the farmers and poor section of the society so that they could get major votes. They purchase votes by offering money. Everyone in politics has two faces. One that is shown publicly, and one that is hidden.
Everyone uses democracy for their own power. The welfare of people isn't their motive.
Corruption in India is at its highest peak which kills the major factor of democracy i.e transparency between the people and the leader. They serve their own ends under the guise of the welfare, justice and development of people. They just need power of position.
No doubt, India provides so much freedom of speech and expression, to travel and live, and adopt every religion as compared to other countries like North Korea, China etc. The ground reality for many is even worse than that. The country is providing freedom but the people of India aren't providing to each other.
Democratic form of government is the best form of government in all existing forms. It's good to hear that we live in one of the largest democracies in the world.
Those in power are abusing democracy. If this continues and no attention is given towards choosing the right leader and government, one day this democracy will turn into a monarchy in India.

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