“MARIE CURIE” Biography

“Marie Curie” was the first woman to win a Nobel prize. She was born in Warsaw, the Kingdom of Poland then part of the Russian Empire. On 7 November, 1867 her father’s name was Wladyslaw Sklodowska, and her mother’s name was Bronislawa Sklodowska. Her father and mother was a teacher she was the youngest of the five children she was ten years old and began attending the boarding school of J. Sikorska.

Then she attended a gymnasium for girls from which she graduated on 12 June 1983 with a gold medal she started her practical scientific training at the chemical laboratory in 1891 she moved to France where she enrolled herself at the Sorbonne University. In 1993 she was awarded a master’s degree in Physics she returns to Paris to pursue a Ph.D. In 1894 Marie met Pierre Curie. Like Marie, he was a scientist and the two of them fell in love. They married on July 26, 1895, and they had to daughter. Marie became fascinated by rays that were recently discovered by scientists Wilhelm Roentgen and Henri Becquerel. Roentgen discovered X- rays and Becquerel had found rays given off by and elements called uranium Marie begin to do experiments once Marie was examining a material called pitchblende see it budget there to be a few raised from the Uranium pitchblende. But instead, Marie found a lot of rays she soon realized that there must be new and discovered the element in pitchblende Mary and her husband spent many hours in the science lab investigating pitchblende and the new element the event figured out that there where to a new element in “Pitchblende” they had discovered two new elements for the periodic table Mary named owner of the element polonium after her Homeland Poland she named “The Other radium” because it gave off such strong rays the curies came up with the term “radioactivity” to describe elements that emitted strong rays. In 1903, the Nobel prize in physics was awarded to Marie and Pierre Curie as well as Henri Becquerel for their work in radiation. Marie became the first woman to be awarded the prize. In 1911, Marie won the Nobel in chemistry for the two elements, polonium, and radium. She was the first person to be awarded two Nobel prizes. Marie became very famous. Scientists came from around the world to study radioactivity with Marie soon doctors found that radiology could help with curing cancer when World War I started Marie learned that doctors could use X-rays to help determine what was wrong with an injured Soldier. At that time Marie finds out a new portable system to carry the machine and helped over 1 million soldiers during the war she was the first woman to be awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize and the only to win into the field and multiple Sciences. She died in Passy, Haute-Savoie, France on 4 July 1934, at the age of 66. “YOU CANNOT HOPE TO BUILD A BETTER WORLD WITHOUT IMPROVING THE INDIVIDUALS”.

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