“Charles Babbage” is the father of “Computer”. He was born on December 26, 1791 in London. His father’s name was Benjamin Babbage and mother’s name was Betsy Plumleigh Babbage. Charles was one of the four children born to Benjamin Babbage who was a banker and merchant. The Babage family was wealthy.

Charles received much of his early education from private tutors. In 1810 he entered Trinity College of Cambridge University. There he found that he knew more about Mathematics then his instructors in 1814 the same year of Charles graduation from Cambridge. Same year, he married Georgiana Whitmore. They had 8 children together but only 3 live beyond childhood after his graduation he lectured on astronomy at the royal Institution and in 1816 was elected a fellow of the Royal Society in 1820 he helped to established the astronomical society in 1822 Charles began work on his difference engine. That machine or capable of performing mathematical calculations. At the time numerical tables were calculated by humans which resulted in high error rates in the table they produced his first prototype which was not finished during Charles lifetime was composed of 25,000 parts and would have weighed around 15 tons. A second prototype was also designed by Babbage the London science museum constructed the machine from Babbage original plan in 1991. It performed its first Calculation at the Science Museum London returning result 231 digits Babbage then began work on a more advanced machine known as the analytical engine. This machine can be programmed through a series of hole punched cards and intended to use several techniques that are still used in modern computing. In 1838, he invented the pilot a metal frame in front of locomotives that clears the tracks of obstacles and designed a dynamometer car that would record the progress of the locomotiv. Babbage also invented an ophthalmoscope, which is used in eye examination. Charles Babbage died on October 18, 1871, at the age of 79. “PERHAPS IT WOULD BE BETTER FOR SCIENCE. THAT ALL CRITICISM SHOULD BE AVOWED”.

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