DREAM : an essence of growth

Dream, the sweetest word in our dictionary is essential for our growth. Many of us ponder how and why it is necessary that a dream and growth are corelated. Literally dream means a series of thoughts, images and sensation occurring in person’s in during sleep. Some of the synonyms of word dream are ambition, aspiration and hope, It is the most necessary part of our life. Life without dream is food without salt. Our late President Abdul Kalam had said ” dream, dream, dream, dream transform into thoughts and thoughts result in action”. Dream is just a baby step towards our goal. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Without dreams there will be no ambition to chase. the essence of one’s personal growth starts with a willingness to change for better.

Always remeber a dream never becomes reality through magic, it takes sweat, and rdetermination and hardwork. A correct attitude towards success is guiding angel.Each one of use are unique, so this uniqueness should be reflected in our dreams. Success is never tailor made.One has to toil hard toachieve it.


Even in our dreams we should never limit our thinking process. For example, if someone’s father owns a shop then the son/daughter should aim to open a mall and not the vice versa. Think big to achieve big “Shoot for the moon. Even you miss, you land among the stars”. Everyone ha the potentiality, strength and passion to reach the stars to change the old. One is never too old to set another goal or to dream new dream.

The future belong to those who believe into he beauty of their dreams, And to achieve it we should be like bamboo tree. Do you know that bamboo tree grows under root for five years before it comes out as shoot. In other words, a strong foundation make good house. We should make our foundation strong so that the future generation can learn from it and make a better outcomes. Diligence, perseverance and dedication towards your goal can lead to achieve any goals that once you set your foot on.

Example of a dreamer who turned achievers are Mahatma Gandhi ( the man who dreamed of free and independence India), Narayan Murthy (founder of Infosys), Dhirubhai Ambani ( Founder of reliance). The list goes on and never ending, So students change yours’s can into cans and turned your dreams into plans. Then grab your success.

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