Ouija Board

The Ouija Board was invented within the early 1890’s by William Fuld. It is now sold by Parker Brothers. An Ouija may be a small board with various symbols printed on its surface. These symbols include all letters of the alphabet, the numbers 1 to 9 and 0 and therefore the words yes and no. A smaller board, shaped sort of a heart, called a planchette or pointer is employed to direct the answers.
Two or more people rest an Ouija on their laps and press their fingers lightly on the pointer. One of them asks the board an issue . The pointer supposedly answers by indicating a word or variety or by spelling out words. According to people that believe the Ouija , spirits guide the pointer. Others think the fingers of the questioner influence the pointer. There are basic guidelines that ought to be followed for using Ouija boards. If any of you’re willing to undertake one you ought to inspect a number of the safe things to try to to to guard yourself or anyone else from possible harm. As many of us improvise an Ouija as a game, it’s always best to guard yourself. Where there’s no protection from evil forces extremely frightening things can occur. Sinister messages are often spelt out, claimed to return from the devil. As to prove that nobody person is purposely pushing the pointer, tales are told of all removing their fingers except one and therefore the pointer continuing to whiz around in manic fashion – or of the pointer jumping up within the air or hurling itself off the table and smashing. Also evil spirits are known to lie around who they’re tricking the users into further danger.
You have to be the judge of the knowledge you receive. To believe everything that comes through on the board simply because it’s from the opposite side is extremely gullible and is like believing everything that you simply read within the newspaper or see on TV. If your mind tells you there’s something wrong, there probably is. If the knowledge you’re getting seems new you, compare it with other channeled material and see if you’re comfortable with it. The important point to recollect here is LIKE attracts LIKE. Ouija boards work , but the type of beings you’re likely to draw in is directly associated with the extent of spiritual development of the participants and their intent. Remember an Ouija is simply a tool for contact which relies on no practice, learning or spiritual development to form it work. It’s like dialing a random central and hoping for the simplest . However, with practice, learning and spiritual development the probabilities of getting through to the proper person are greatly increased.
If used properly, the Ouija are often a positive tool to creating new friends and gathering information. However, you should not just stop there and rely on the board. Work on your own spiritual development and this may not only enhance your use of the board, but may render it obsolete – while at an equivalent time improving your whole life.

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