Sawan month is considered one of the most sacred months of the year according to the Hindu calendar. It is the fifth month in the Hindu calendar.
But why is this month called Shravan? It is believed that in Poornima or on the full moon or at any time during this month, Sravan Nakshatra or the star controls the sky which is why, this moon gets its name from this nakshatra.
Volunteers providing Patram-pushpam & falam-toyam in Shiva linga Shravan Maas
The month of Shravan is like festivals and good events. It is a very good time to make the most important religious ceremonies, because almost every day in this month is made for shubh arambh, which is a good start. The ruling god of Shravan maas is King Shiva.
This month, every Monday is celebrated as Shravan Somvar in all the temples with Dharanatra hanging over Shiva linga, bathing it with holy water and milk, all day until night. The devotees donated Bael leaves, flowers, holy water and milk, namely Falam-Toyam, Pushpam-Patram to rule Shiva in all Shravan Somwar. They fast until sunset and Nandadeep burns, Akhand Diya.
The Importance of Lord Shiva in the Moon of Shravan (Sawan)
Samudra Manthan is the most important episode according to each Putana. The explosion of the sea, which is Samudra Manthan in search of amrit, occurred during the month of Shravan. During the uproar, 14 different rubies appeared in the ocean. Thirteen rubies were separated between deas and asuras, however, Halahal, the 14th ruby ​​remained untouched because it was the most deadly poison that could destroy the universe and a living creature. King Shiva drank Halahal and kept the poison in his throat. As a result of the toxicity, his throat turned blue and he was called Neelkantha.
Such was the toxic effect of King Shiva wearing the moon on his head and all the loved ones began to offer water to the holy river Ganges to King Shiva to reduce the effects of the poison. Both events took place at Shravan Maas and therefore, it is considered the best way to dedicate the sacred water of the Ganga to Lord Shiva this month.
The importance of wearing Rudraksh in the month of Shravan
Devotees to Lord Shiva consider it good to wear Rudraksha in the month of Shravan. On Monday Lord Shiva was dedicated as his ruling god of the day. However, on Monday the Shravan maas are known as Shravan Somwar and auspicious, and are celebrated with all the antics.

Rituals to follow the month of Shravan (Sawan)

Offering milk to King Shiva During the month of Shravan leads one to receive many punyas.
Wear Rudraksha and use it for japas.
Bhibhuti is considered very important when given to King Shiva. Some of them must also be applied to the forehead.
Offer a panchamrit (a mixture of milk, curd, butter or ghee, honey and jaggery) and Shiva bail bail leaves.
Chant the chalisa shiva and perform the typical aarti of king Shiva.
Shouting the Mahamritunjay mantra is a wonderful thing.
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