What Is Thrifting?

If you have never heard of thrifting and you wonder what it means, then thrifting simply means to shop at a flea market or at a thrift store where you get discounted items. Those who thrift shop love it cause items sold are at a good shape and can be purchased at a very lower price.

What is the difference between thrift store and retail store?

Thrift stores have goods that may not be brand new but they are surely in good conditions. Items already being partially used are sold in these stores at discounted prices. Retail stores on the hand sell unused goods similar to thrifted goods but with much higher price.

Thrift stores sell goods that are not from the current season and are vintage. Goods that you mean to own have to be hunted in flea markets or thrift store. Whatever you see at lower price you can purchase. Best part about thrifting is that you never know what you might find. You might end up getting the most affordable deal on an amazing item.

Retail stores have expensive products but if someone who follows particular season clothing can find them at retail stores and not thrift stores. Original brands are sold on these stores.

Why do thrift stores excite people so much?

Thrift stores are exciting and attractive. These stores don’t necessarily have clothes in-season but have clothing that create a creative personal style for someone seeking a trendy transformation. Thrift stores are owned by creative people who redesign fashion into trendy and affordable clothing. Clothes may not have a brand tag but are equally fashionable.

Thrifting isn’t entirely clothing related. Collectible items like vintage vases or paintings or jewelry are available that may have been used before but enhance aesthetics of your home. Old books that aren’t readily available can be unexpectedly found here. It’s also a great place to buy a totally unique item that you never discovered before. You get a wonderful opportunity to add these special items to your collection with absolute marginal price.

What type of items can you find in thrift stores?

You will find items like shoes, handbags, wallets, clothes, furniture, jewelry, household goods, kitchen supplies. Thrift stores have pretty similar products to what you get in any retail store.

Why should you choose thrifting?

Experimentation helps you understand what suits you and what doesn’t. Investing in clothes bought at thrift store allows you to experiment with your clothes without spending a huge amount on them.

Trendy clothes are found that sometimes you may not find in retail stores. They are not typically from famous brands but are of good quality.

Items that you find here will be quite different from the others. You are not likely to find a twin in public. You will stand out as clothes you own will be something that others may not find that easily.

Vintage clothes, bags, leather shoes are considered to be the new definition of fashion. To own such clothes that set you apart from the rest of the world is the beauty of thrift stores. Also, competition among brands that you see completely disappear in the case of thrift store.

Furniture items like cushions, bedspreads, glasses, dishes, curtains, mats, baking pans, mirrors and such other items are easily available in these stores with affordable prices.

Since, you spend very little on thrifted goods getting rid of those goods is possible. Unnecessary hoarding of goods can be avoided. If you buy clothes but they don’t fit you after a few days or months, then you can donate them as you haven’t spent that much.

Lastly, thrifting provides support to community. A lot of thrift stores donate a substantial amount to the charities. You can donate as well to be part of it.


Thrifting is an attractive concept that has been adopted in foreign countries but not so much in India. Nevertheless, thrifting is rising in cities like Mumbai and Delhi. It is an affordable solution to fast fashion. Online thrifting is significantly gaining popularity on social media platforms. Younger generation seems to be fascinated by this growing concept. It can potentially be the next big thing to dominate Indian fashion.

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