Addiction is a complex situation, a brain disease that may affect your behavior, when a person is used to drugs, one cannot hold out against taking them, even when we know what harm it causes to us. As soon as you get treated yourself from the drug addition the less you will step towards the destruction of your life.

Craving for drugs are not only about taking heroin, cocaine or other illegal drug. But you can also get used to alcohol, sleeping pills or anxiety medications.

During the starting days, one may feel taking drugs gives them never experience before feeling. Whereas some of may feel they know how often to use it. But the saddest part is when you realise the true colours of drugs by that time it gets so late that instead of you control the intake, it starts to control you. And leads to damaging behaviour.

How drug influence you brain?

Our brain functions amazingly which makes us to take the satisfactory experience again and again. Intake of drug may be addictive the brain system. This releases the chemical called dopamine in the brain that generates magnificent feeling. And you keep on taking the drug until you feel high.

By that time your brain gets addicted to the extra dopamine, which leads you to take more drug to feel good.

Using of drugs for long time can cause damage to brain system and circuit too. This can harm your: memory, decision making and thinking capacity.

Symptoms of addiction

  • Desire to take drugs many times a day of every time.
  • Carrying drug everywhere
  • Buying drugs even when you can barely afford it
  • Spending more alone time
  • Showing carelessness in grooming
  • Sickness when you feel like quitting it

Prevention from addiction

“Prevention is better than cure” is so true statement here. Following are some prevention measures to escape form addiction.

  • Avoid inappropriate peer influence

Every person knows his/her limits and have different personalities too. One should never get influenced by others to do what they are not supposed to. One should choose their peer wisely.

  • Medical help

Many highly qualified psychologists, psychia­trists can give you best advice to get rid of such addiction. Also rehab centres helps such people to overcome drug addiction. It just you need to be determined and focused.

  • Seek help from parents

No matter what parents are the true blessing you have, always ask help from parents, and share your problems with them. This can motivate young generation to share their feelings of anxiety and wrong doings.

  • Counselling and education

Educating and counselling children is very important to face any difficulties in their future. Making them aware about the effects of drugs and how it can harm, should be taught to them.

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