Soil Erosion

The top layers of soil contain humus and minerals salts, which are vital for the growth of plants. Removal of upper layer of soil by wind and water is called soil erosion. Soil erosion causes a significant loss of humus, nutrients and decrease the fertility of soil.

Agents of Soil Erosion

Agents of soil erosion are high velocity of wind, air currents, flowing water, landslide, human activities (deforestation, farming and mining) and overgrazing by cattle.

Management of Soil Erosion

Retain vegetation cover, so that soil is not exposed. Cattle grazing should be controlled. Crop rotation and soil management improve soil organi mattet. Runoff water should be stored in the catchment. Reforestation, terracing and contour ploughing. Wind speed can be controlled by planting trees in form of a shelter belt.

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