The World’s most remote places

Have you ever felt that you have no access to top class facilities? Are you always cribbing about things you don’t have? If yes, then you must surely check out these places, that are the most remote in the entire world.

From the highest settlement on Earth to the coldest, some people spend their entire lives detached from the mainland. Let’s take a look at the measures they take to survive in the most remote of locations. The world’s most remote populated island, Tristan da Cunha sits in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. 1,750 miles from Cape Town, Edinburgh of the Seven Seas, the only settlement on the island, is home to less than 300 permanent residents.

Even though the island has a harbor, any large yachts or vessels have to anchor a distance from the coast. Local ferries operate as frequently as they can to and from the island, but with the weather only good enough 70 days a year, reaching the extreme location is difficult. All the residents have access to modern-day amenities including a hospital that offers dental treatment and minor operations, as well as a grocery shop and post office, where the island produces its very own stamps. 

Open Monday to Friday, the local supermarket provides essential produce for the villagers. However, goods need to be ordered months in advance of the arrival of the incoming ships so many islanders grow their own crops and rear their own stock so as not to rely on the supermarket.

If you think this is the most remote island wait till you hear about the next one.

Next we have an island locate near the United States. The northernmost community in the United States, Utqiagvik feels completely cut off from the world. With no roads connecting it to other settlements, the dirt roads that do exist lead just a few miles outside the main town. The city is built upon a layer of permafrost that’s up to 1,300 feet deep in some places, making life hard for the permanent population of around 4,000 residents. The warm season has an average high of just 35.6°F, and the winter lasts for 160 days a year, with more than two months spent in complete darkness.

If we step to explore there will be many such places completely disconnected from the world. Hence, we must be happy about the amenities and facilities we have.

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