7 tips to crack GATE 2022

1. The Early You Start, The Better It Is.

GATE is an exam that requires a consistent long-term study. It is helpful to start early because you get enough time to study the topics in-depth and revise regularly. The ideal time to prepare for GATE is in the 3rd year of Engineering. You need to devote at least a few hours per week, say on the weekends for GATE preparation. The competition is high as there are aspirants preparing for the exam for over 2 years.

2. Know the GATE Exam Pattern and Syllabus

Before starting your GATE preparation, be clear with the GATE 2022 exam pattern and syllabus. The Exam has both MCQ and Numerical type of questions. There is negative marking as well except for the numerical type questions.

The next step is to check the GATE Syllabus 2022. Shortlist the subjects and topics based on your conceptual knowledge and understanding of the subject. Categorize the topics based on your strengths and weaknesses, which will help you decide which topics should be focused more. Besides that, choose the core subjects which you need to study thoroughly in order to score more.

3. Make a proper study plan

The study plan will vary for each candidate–whether the candidate is a fresher or a repeater, depending on their strengths and weaknesses, etc. To prepare an effective study plan, closely examine the exam pattern, syllabus, and difficulty level of the exam. Design a long-term plan, monthly, and daily. Practice a variety of problems from different sources. Take mock tests, solve previous year’s papers, and sample papers.

4. Manage Your Time Efficiently

Time is a very important factor in GATE preparation. Create a practical timetable and use your time effectively. Preplan the time required to cover the syllabus and allocate separate time slots for every task related to your GATE Preparation. Revision is the key; take it seriously and practice a variety of question papers to manage time in a better way during the exam.

5. Take Mock Tests and Analyze the Results

At every stage of your preparation, you need to keep track of your performance which can be done by taking mock tests. Only taking mock tests is not sufficient, it is equally important to analyze the results. Know the mistakes you made and the areas that need to improve.

6. Focus on General Aptitude & Engineering Mathematics

If you want to clear GATE 2022, focusing on Mathematics and Aptitude act as saviors. Prepare these two subjects thoroughly because in this section you will score much easily compared to other sections. The Aptitude section carries 15 marks and the Mathematics section too carries 15 marks. Thus, it is an excellent strategy to prepare for this section without fail.

7. Join an Online Test Series

Online Test Series is one of the best ways to know your preparation level. These are prepared by expert faculties and also contain previous year questions. These will help you compete with the actual appearing candidates for the year and you can also analyze your AIR. For details regarding the best test series, you can take the help of your seniors and teachers are they might already be enrolled.

Think beyond the bookish knowledge and find the day-to-day applications of the concepts in engineering. This will help you in making things interesting and real. Develop the power of visualization and try to find the links and relationships between the concepts. This will help you learn more effectively. Create analogies to explain topics and concepts. Take good care of your health and sleep adequately. Revise regularly and keep cool on the day of the exam.

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