Have we ever wondered what the life of an orphan is like?

We feel how much trouble we are in, there are many problems in our life. But have we ever thought about whether we can live like orphans, can we live without our family, can we live without home , Will we be able to live without the love of our loved ones?

If we do not know the answer to all this, then we should talk to the orphans, ask them how it is to be an orphan. How sad to be an orphan. We often forget in our troubles that we have the greatest thing in the world and that is our family. We have got recognition from family, we have got family support, we have got a home to live in, we have got love for our loved ones, we have got the companion of every sorrow and happiness, we have got the strength to fight with every problem. And those who are orphans have not even got all this, whose children they are, they do not even know who their mother and father are, who is their family. No one is going to stand in the happiness and sorrow of orphans, our society does not give them so much respect considering them as orphans. They do not adopt them by saying what caste they belong to.

You all know that if we fall, we can also stand up because our family will be our support. But if the orphan falls, he will move forward thin kingly because there is no one to support him. That’s why most of the orphans think that they should become very rich so that they will get the respect. Often when we are angry, we get into a fight with our family, then we think that if we were orphans today, then live our life according to our own. But being orphan does not mean that we can live our life according to our own accord. Because being an orphan is to live a life of our own accord, then we think wrongly, we should see that when they do not have food them, they are suffering from hunger, Like us, are not able to wear good clothes, like us, are not able to celebrate festivals with our families. They don’t even have their own house to sleep with at night. But orphanages have also been opened for orphan children, Many institutions have been opened for orphan children. And there are many orphanages who give a lot of love and support to the orphan children.

And in today’s time animals also roam orphans, orphanages have also been opened for the elderly people of our house to serve them.

In today’s time it is true that problems come in everyone’s life, we do not have time But we should spare some time for the orphan children, we should help them as much as we can and if we really want to help orphans, then we should help orphans for their studies. Because if we help them in their studies, it will be useful for their whole life. Because food and money ends when the time comes, but knowledge as it never ends, knowledge it is such a wealth that keeps on increasing with time.

So please, if we are able to help orphans in their studies, then we must do so because giving knowledge to an orphan is like donating in a temple.

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