Health problems in India

India is a developing county where we are still developing in different fields of life. One of the most important field is health . In health department, India has many loopholes and problems which we face a lot of time and with growing population at a very fast rate that is putting an immense pressure on health care system as as well as natural resources.

The level of health in India is very low also due to large degree of morbidity and mortality. The reason of these are lack of proper environment and sanitation , improper facility, and many other reasons .And these conditions have become even more worse due to poverty, illiteracy and superstitions in our country.

Different health problems in India

  1. Due to food and water borne diseases:- Many diseases are transmitted from person to person due to contaminated food and water. some diseases due to this are Diarrhoea , typhoid , dysentery etc. These diseases are very common in placers where there is lack of water supply regularly. In very rural areas in India, people have no facilitites of water purifiers or aqua gaurds . They drink direct water from handpumps and other places but this water is contaminated with harmful mineral.

2. Air borne diseases : This is another kind of reason of many dangerous diseases. Some diseases can be transmitted through the air we inhale. some diseases due to this transmission are common cold ,influenza, pneumonia. The most recent disease is none other than COVID-19.

3. diseases due to poor housing: Many health problems causes due to living in unhealthy conditions and overcrowded places. Due to which they does not get sufficient sunlight, safe drinking water and basic requirements of healthy life style. These problems may lead to Cholera, typhoid and tuberculosis.

4. Diseases Through insects :- lack of cleanliness may result in houseflies , mosquitos and other insects which may cause diseases like dengue, malaria, filariasis and many other harmful diseases.

5. Diseases due to population : – Population plays a very big role in health problems. diseases that are air- borne, water and also soil population are largely occur in crowded cities and towns.

6 .Due to lack of medical facilities: This is one of the biggest reason of poor health problems in India. Lack of medical facilities in rural, small and remote area always creates big health problems .India has been struggling with weak infrastructure with lack of well equipped hospitals and facilities. In India, we also have a shortage of doctors and nurses in many hospitals especially in rural areas, where maximum population of India lives. The doctor to population ratio in India is just 1 : 1456.( source of data : . It means there is not even 1 doctor for every 1000 people in India. Our medical facilities was exposed again when COVID-19 ‘s second wave came.

These were some types of health issues that are very common in India. Some of them we cannot control but some are in our control but due to our mistakes, carelessness and bad habits, these diseases are able to go into our body and cause serious health issues. so we have to be very serious for our health.