Today I decided to write on the smartphone and literally I am writing on it.
In the last few decades, technology has spread its roots worldwide. It has evolved and is evolving day by day. In ancient times the survival of humans was not hard. People lived without any gadgets and enjoyed their lives, but that didn’t help them to develop, to raise their living standard, to utilize their time smartly.
Why has technology and machineries developed? For efficiency. One can do large amounts of work in a short time now that the technology has evolved.
Earlier, in order to travel 10km people had to walk for a minimum of 3 hours. Then people started using horses and bullock carts to travel for far distances. This took a period of 2-3 days to reach the destination. Time runs with the jet speed and hence transportation facilities improved. From bullock carts people switched to bicycles.
When Britishers were ruling the Indian Subcontinent, in order to export goods and material to Britain, and also within India, they established Railway routes. Today India has one of the biggest railway networks in the world. Railways are convenient and cheap means of transportation. Later road routes were also well established in India.
In earlier times, any message or information was sent with the help of pigeons and messengers. It would take days and months for the message to reach. Later the postal system was developed. And then telephones.
When telephones came into existence only a few could afford it. Sometimes in the entire village there was only one phone line. Later public PCOs opened where anyone could use it by putting a rupee coin and could talk for 2 minutes and that used to be enough.
Later many people bought telephones as the purchasing levels of people increased. The telephone became a source of happiness as communication with one another was now easier.
As the time passed, technology further evolved. Small cell phones were introduced in the first decade of the 2000s in India. In the beginning, cell phones had antennas on them. Antennas helped to get a good signal. Later antennaless phones were introduced which could be easily kept in pocket. Those phones consisted of an SMS system and one or two games, and that's what made everyone happy.
The first phone I saw had a keypad on it. Later, keypad phones too evolved and had more features like cameras and extended memory.
After the decade of 2010, the technology and evolution of smartphones have made rapid progress. Touch screen phones were introduced, along with recording of audio, video and many more features.
Later Google and other social networking sites entered the Indian digital market and from there the interface of smartphones changed. Android phones were introduced with internet facilities and vouchers.
People can now use phones to easily communicate via WhatsApp, Facebook and other social networking sites. After 2015 the Reliance Digital company introduced a Jio mobile network and provided sims to the people for free along with plenty of internet for a day.
Earlier those who were having smartphones could hardly afford internet packs, as the mobile companies like Idea and Airtel provided data packs at higher price.
After the introduction of Jio, it became easy for people to afford data packs. Reliance company has applied good business strategy, first they provided it for free so that it can be well established and later people could purchase their data packs.
No doubt that smartphones have made everyone's life easy, comfortable and convenient. They save time, and make communication easy. One can do a lot of work by sitting in any corner of the world. With the help of Google one can find out any information related to anything. One can book a train seat. One can see where it has arrived and when it will depart. One can track its locations. With the help of YouTube videos, one can learn any skill so easily. One can do business on smartphones. One can learn and teach online. One can explore his talent and can show it to the world with the help of smartphones. How easy and convenient things have become.
It has advantages as well as disadvantages at the same time. One can walk and talk on the phone. One can travel and can spend time in order to avoid boredom, but at the same time one is not enjoying the surrounding natural beauty while walking. One is not enjoying the journey while travelling. Not observing the environment around him does not help expand one’s horizon.
Smartphones have become an indivisible part of our lives. Just like we eat, we drink, we sleep, we breathe, in the same manner we use smartphones and other social networking sites. It's hard for a person to survive without a phone. You will very rarely find anyone without a phone. On one hand after this pandemic of covid-19 we did not face the loss of study, business, money and many more things due to technology, Internet and smartphones. The cycle of work did not stop but on the other hand it has become an addiction for adults, teenagers and kids. Small kids have started using phones so rapidly that they cannot get over it.
A kid of 2-3 year doesn't eat food until and unless he is not given a smartphone in his hand. Kids have forgotten to play outside since smartphones have been given to them.
Every information is available on Google and Wikipedia and hence people don’t think from their own minds. They don't want to take any trouble figuring out the answer. The process of exploring and evolving has slowed down. People have just become a puppet of technology.
On one hand technology is helping to save time and increase efficiency but on the other hand, people are becoming so inefficient, lazy and unproductive. Everything in this world should be balanced and hence the use of technology and smartphones should also. One must be aware of the fact that we invented technology. Technology did not invent us. We should not limit ourselves to being dependent on it. We must know how we can maximize its use for the development of mankind.
We should not allow technology to dominate our senses and self control.

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