Parenting and their types

Parenting is a way of parents understanding and learning about their children’s needs, emotional and psychological and physical ability. This does not have exclusivity to biological parents. It is the process of raising children in a healthy and loving environment where they have the space to grow and learn more about themselves and their needs. When children are raised properly, they learn to give back to the society and turn out to be good citizens. The type of parenting a child receives is very important as that determines what kind of person the child is going to grow up to be. The four types of parenting styles are: Authoritarian parenting, Authoritative parenting, Permissive parenting and Uninvolved parenting.

• Authoritarian Parenting:
Authoritarian parenting is when the parents are controlling and strict and they give very little freedom to their children. These parents are more focus on setting rules and regulations for their children rather than understanding them and their feelings. They always focus on how success is important and following the rules and listening to the parents is important. We can see very less self esteem in the children brought up with this kind of parenting as it gives children very little room to think for themselves and learn from their mistakes as their parents control every aspect of their life.

• Authoritative Parenting:
Authoritative parenting is much better way to bring up children compared to Authoritarian parenting as in this the parents show both strictness and warmth towards their children. Even though the parents write a few rules and regulations that children are supposed to follow, they are also given their own time and space to think about what they want to do and if it’s the right way to go forward with. Your children get to make their own decisions while having their parents support. We can see children with most self esteem compared to children who were brought up with authoritarian style of parenting.

• Permissive Parenting:
In the style of parenting the parents are caring and not showing but also not strict with rules and regulations. We can see a good relationship between the parents and children. The children are free to think for themselves and make their own decisions but they also learn to take responsibilities for their actions. Here, parents have low expectations and children show poor self control as they need to make all the decisions and some children might not adapt to this quickly. We can also see how children who grew up with this style of parenting have relationship problems in the future.

• Uninvolved Parenting:
This style of parenting is where the parents are not involved in the lives of their children. They think that just by providing them basic needs such as food, shelter etc, they have done their duty and they do not need to think about anything else anymore. There is no discipline strategy or any rules. The children are just left on their own to tackle the world. They are not given any ideas or strategies to go forward with. Children have to be responsible for themselves. Here we can see the children have very low self-esteem as they don’t know what to do with their life as they have never been led by an authority before.

I understand that every parent would prefer a different kind of parenting but the main point of parenting is to help your children grow and it should be done at their pace. Some kids might be quick in learning and some slow but it’s all right because if they’re taught about how things work, they might learn it quickly. Make sure to always know your children and try to understand their needs and abilities.

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