The Increasing Divorce Rate in India

In every relation there are some degree of conflicts involve which is very common in the stressful situation. Maximum couple faced a lot of split up after arrival of Covid-19 related to financial matters. The initial lockdown period started with all sort of creative things but with the passage of time it grown with increasing conflicts and misunderstanding between the couples. Covid-19 and lockdown had brought a massive disaster all over the world and had sown the seeds of increasing divorce rate worldwide. Divorce is always subjected as a taboo in our country where all the litigation and bulky process of inquiry is undesirable and this is the reason people usually avoid getting divorced in India.

It’s a sad reality that we human being had a tendency of adjusting and compromising with the situation and this are the foundation of maximum of Indian marriages. As the global outburst occurred it had directly affected on the personal space of the couple by shrinking them inside four walls of the house. In such adverse circumstances acceptance and compromising things becomes much more complicated. We all known that spending time together as well as  taking breaks make things sorted and better but due to this lockdown the burden of work increased for the working partner resulting in increasing fights and conflicts which ultimately ends up in split up of the couples. Females are the backbone of any family who are always found in the receiving end of the all the troubles faced by the family. With the arrival of lockdown period the financial, mental as well as health problems raised a lot being in stuck in such pathetic situation ultimately ends up with increasing bitterness among the family and gradually this bitterness finally leads to divorce of the couple. The increasing divorce rate in India is the clear indication of the growing strained relations. In a famous lawyer platform it was found that after the arrival of this lockdown period they got six to ten calls each day regarding divorce and 20% of divorce cases are increased as per records. But before the arrival of this outbreak of corona there were other factors too which are the root cause of divorce between the couples. They are:

  • Absence of Commitment
  • Increasing Argument between the Family
  • Marriage at Young Age
  • Lack of Equality
  • Increasing Abuse and Agony

  Love is something very pure but also dynamic in nature and because of increasing fights and misunderstanding people decides to end up the relation by giving divorce. Commitment and trust plus respect are the base of any relationship. Abuse and violence are the major reason of ending up of a relationship. Many a time the reason of getting divorce is addiction which is in the form of alcohol, drugs, gambling and even pornography. In some cases these obsession are maintained and the marriage can be repaired but in most of the cases the outcome is negative only. India is a country for love thus we all should learn to spread positivity and managing our relationships.

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