We were Liars: A book review

Cadence is a girl born to rich family that owns large estates and an island. Her best friends are her cousins and the son of the manager. This group together is called the liars. The liars are the best of friends, and enjoy each other more than their families which are bound quite unlovingly in threads of race and economic dependencies. One day Cadence is found unconscious near the shore and is not allowed to visit the island again for the next couple of years. The worst part is she remembers nothing of what happened to her. Her mother even forces her to improve relationships with her estranged father. She returns however to the island only to find the liars living in a far end of the island and her family broken down and her once strong headed and commanding grandfather suffering from dementia.

She roams around the island and is saddened that the liars do not want to get very close to her. She discovers not only the ugly relationships and secrets of her family but also slowly comes to remember and accept the fate that she has given to her friends and her family.

Awarded the Good Reads Book of the year in young adult literature in 2015, We were liars is a book that deals with love, romance, a decaying aristocracy and the decaying state of mind within it, not to forget issues like mental health and defenses.

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