Weird laws from around the world

>Salmon Act 1986

Under the Salmon Act, the Parliament makes it illegal to hold a salmon in suspicious circumstances in the UK. Other fish species like trout, eel, lamprey and smelt are also included in this law. However, the law does not specify what behaviour can be considered suspicious.

>Law for billboards in Hawaii

Hawaii does not allow the use of billboard advertising in public. Only directional boards, landmark signs and real estate boards are allowed to be displayed in Hawaii. However, there is a provision to have a billboard in one’s own property.

>Metabo Law of Japan

Japan takes the matter of its citizens health very seriously. The Metabo Law restricts its citizens aged 40 to 74 years to gain extreme weight and requires the citizens to have an annual weight check by the doctor. Men are supposed to have a waist size not exceeding 33.5 inches and women 35.4 inches. It was made to prevent obesity and other related health issues.

>Locust Invasion Law, India

Locust attacks cause large scale threat to crops. To prevent the destruction people living within 5 miles of the plca of locust invasion are required to beat drum or some other instrument in order to alert the town.

>No chickens to cross the road in Georgia

To let your chicken cross road is illegal in Georgia. The chickens are meant to be kept under the owner’s control and letting them loose can lead the owner to be fined.

>Law on Protection of the Rights and Interests of Elderly People, China

China has a law for its citizens above the age of 60 year. Under this law discrimination, insulting, maltreating or forsaking the elderly etc is forbidden.

>No dying without a burial plot

In Sarpourenx, France the citizens cannot die within the city limits without having purchased a burial plot for themselves. This law was put forward in the year 2008 by the city mayor claiming that those who offend will be severely punished. However, the kind of punishment has not be clarified.

>Swearing, illegal in the UAE

In the UAE, swearing is illegal leading the offender to be fined or even jailed. Under Article 373 of the UAE Penal Code, swearing is form of disgrace to a person. The law also includes indecent gestures or text message and threatening messages along with the use of inappropriate words.

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