Well, It’s geographically strange…

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Hey you all there!!

Here are some facts, I heard or read somewhere and it stuck my mind as strange or unique or interesting and I thought that why not share them with you all. And so here we go-

  1. If most of the sunlight falls on the equator then naturally the oceans in this region should have the highest temperature. But, it turns out that the temperate region’s oceans waters have the highest temperature. And here’s why. The temperature at the equator is high but so is the average yearly rainfall. The higher rainfall sort of counter balances the high temperature. But the rainfall at the temperate regions isn’t that high and so the overall temperature there is higher.
  2. The Norwegian sea lies near the Arctic ocean and its neighbouring countries include Iceland, Greenland and Russia. But, even after being in such a low temperature zone, the water of Norwegian sea doesn’t freeze in winters and the ships are still able to pass while those travelling through Russia aren’t. Well, it is due to a warm oceanic current that goes by the name of Norwegian current that keeps the water way above the freezing point.
  3. The northern part of the Indian ocean experiences both clockwise and anti-clockwise direction of ocean current and it is a feature of the country’s seasons. It was a reason of flourishing trade as well as inter-mixing of the Arabian and the Indian people as the ships travelling had to wait for the seasons to change so that the currents could effectively be used to travel.
  4. Japan has a very high land area as mountainous and a very small area of land. Combine this with the steep continental shelf of the nearby Pacific ocean and the meeting of warm and cold oceanic current, it provides for a very good fishing ground. It is why the Japanese people have a staple diet of fish (in addition to some cultural reasons).
  5. Most of the world’s active volcanoes are concentrated in the Pacific ocean in the ring of fire that is a junction point of several tectonic plates, followed by the Mediterranean sea.
  6. The South pole has a lower temperature as compared to that of the North pole. It is because south pole is a land region surrounded with water and the land region has high altitude mountains that help in lowering the temperature. Most of the ozone holes occur in this region.
  7. The Pacific ocean is sinking and after some million years, it won’t be the largest ocean of the world. Oh! And the Atlantic ocean is expanding, all a result of tectonic plate interaction. This is also why the Himalayas in our country is growing(at the rate of 1 cm/year, though the rate might be soon slowing down as the collision between the Eurasian and Indian plate is slowing down.).
  8. 31 December in Alaska is 1 January in Russia. Now, you know what to do if you happen to stumble upon in Russia during the new year’s eve.

Well, this is all in ‘geographically strange’. If you all like it, I will do a part 2 . Next in this series is ‘biologically strange’. So, stay tuned..

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