Woh Din

When you are wasting another important year of your life but this time it’s isn’t your fault.

Now it’s been more than a year, the students haven’t seen the colleges and schools, even some of the students are now gonna start their second year in colleges but still they don’t even know how their college campus look like. It is the most hurtful thing that we are spending our most beautiful years of life like this, infront of the laptop and smartphone screens. When the lockdown started I was studying in first year and now I’m third year engineering student, I still don’t know how my classroom, classmates and faculty members look like in real life.

The “Woh Din” which were supposed to filled with joy, happiness, fun with friends and lots of travel are ending with “ Am I audible? Yes sir”. In this lockdown many students suffered and some are still suffering from stress, anxiety and demotivation, besides some are just enjoying it like holidays. Lockdown and the online mode education is pretty nice, just enjoy your time with family, learn new things and many more, until then, the thoughts of future knocks at the door.

While the students are struggling to learn through online mode, the teachers and the colleges are mostly focusing on how they can complete the syllabus as early as possible, teachers are also want to help the students and they are doing their best from their side but everything have some advantages and disadvantages like this, online education also have it’s own disadvantages and advantages.

First we thought that the world is testing our patience but, even the nicest person has it’s limit and now we all have had enough of this, we are too young to dealing with all this but we haven’t given up, but now we really want our college life back, those cafeteria talks, waiting for your friends in parking lot, computer lab fun, bunking class and hanging out with your friends, campus rides and many more.

Now we all are going to complete 2 years, while fighting against this covid19 situation and online mode, in this period we all have experienced a lot of good and bad things like, the time we spent with our family. Similarly, we all struggled with lack of oxygen cylinders, hospital beds and most important is FOOD and after all this time we want is to end this “ Mask-World ”. Hope it will really end very soon and we all will get our old life back with No-Mask and the colleges will start soon, hope the world will come to it’s oldself very soon. But until then please give mental support to them who are suffering from depression and those who are tested covid positive.

And last but not the least please stay home and don’t worry this time also will pass very soon.

Take care.