Yoga poses or asanas are body position which are practiced for the benefit of body and mind. The concept of yoga is not something we are not aware of; our ancestors are practicing it for long time. And now many people realized the importance and benefits of yoga and started to perform. Studies have found that yoga asana benefits people’s body and soul. Also helps to increase flexibility, leads to weigh loss, and enhance mental peace.

Below is the list of yoga asana or poses that can help your body and mind healthy and fit.

1.     Sukhasana or Easy Pose

If you wish to practice yoga, you can start with this simple pose as it easy to do and gives you the comfort.


Sit on mat legs tucked in the opposite thighs. Keep your back straight and both the hands should be placed on the knees and breath in and breath out calmly.


People with anxiety, stress and mental illness can practise these to reduce them.  

Sukhasana corrects the body posture and straighten chest and spine.

2.     Tadasana or Mountain Pose

It is a simple standing pose, which trains you the art of standing straight.


Stand straight on your feet on a mat, take your arms up near your ears and it should be straight upwards. Then take long breath while doing this take your heels up and put all your weight on toes. Then slowly breath out and put you heels down. Repeat this for 10-15 minutes.


Strengthen leg muscles

Helps in increasing the height of children

Eliminates leg pain

Correct body posture

3.     Dhanur Asana or Bow Pose

This asana helps to stretch the whole body. Helps to loss weight, improve digestion and blood flow. It is an effective asana in making back flexible.


Lay down on a mat on your belly. Fold your legs backward. Hold both legs with hand on ankles. Breath long and take your chest up as high as you can. To get the position of bow you need to stretch your body and hold as long as you can. Take back the initial position and repeat this 2-4 times.


Helps in making the spine flexible and decreases rigidity

Lessen obesity

Cure stomach-ache

Enhance lung power

Increase breathing process


4.     Bhujangasana Or Cobra Stretch

Bhujangasana is also consider as arc corrector and helps spine make more flexible. The bend posture of the asana massages the back muscles, spine, and nerves. It is a great asana for those who have back pain.


To do this asana you need to lay down on the ground on your belly. Keeping your hand near shoulders. Raise your chest up so that your hand gets straight and stretch your legs while doing this. Hold it of 2-3 minutes and take back the original position.


Helps you to get flexible spine

Broaden the chest

Enhances blood flow

Helps to cure obesity

Decreases rigidity in the body and improve lung power.

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