“MADAM C. J. WALKER” Biography

Madam C. J. Walker nickname was Breedlove. She was an entrepreneur she was born in Delta, louisiana, the United States on December 23, 1867. Her father’s name was Owen Breedlove and Mother’s name was Minerva Breedlove. Her family members were slaves. She had five siblings.

In 1872 her mother died possibly from cholera her father remarried but he died within a few years at the age of 7 she was orphaned. She moved to Vicksburg, Mississippi, at the age of ten and worked as a domestic. She lived with her older sister, Louvenia and brother-in-law, Jesse Powell. She went on to work with an entrepreneur named Annie Turnbo Malone and sold hair care products on behalf of the business women. Her knowledge of hair care products helped Sarah turn into a beautician hair dresser and a retailer who earned profits through the sales of cosmetic creams. She soon started employing many female agents to create awareness of the culture of enhancing beauty. In 1908 she set up an institution named “Lelia college” in a bid to groom the salesperson into hair culturist. He then relocated to the city of Indianapolis years later and initiated various business establishment related to hair care which included a beauty school and salon. During the year 1917 this business women organised an annual meet of Madame Walker Beauty culturists in tha city of Philadelphia. This event was one of the first of its kind in the United states during its time in 1917 she even initiated the “Walker Hair culturists” Union of America which was the first ever convention at that time which was exclusively aimed at encouraging women to venture into commerce the idea of starting a beauty product hit Walker after she lost her hair and faced scalp problem due to washing herself with water which was contaminated with chemicals like “Lye”. She was barred 14 years old she entered the wedlock with a man named Moses MC Williams. The couple had a baby girl who was named A’ Lelia. Her husband died when Sarah was hardly twenty years old. In January 1906, She married Charles Joseph Walker. Sarah adopted the name Madame C. J Walker only after she married Charles. She died in Irvington-on-Hudson, New York, United States on May 25, 1919, at the age of 51. “IF I HAVE ACCOMPLISHED ANYTHING IN LIFE IT IS BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN WILLING TO WORK HARD”.

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