Child Labour

Child labour is the worst form of child exploitation. There are more than 25 million child labourers in India. There is nothing more henious than this line. When it is time for children to play in the garden, they are forced to do banded labour. They have dreams to fulfill so it is need of the hour to stop this exploitation. They need play, education and nutrition. These must be provided to them but unfortunately they have to work in inhuman conditions. Childhood which is the most carefree period of a person’s life becomes a nightmare for them. they are mercilessly exploited at the hands of certain sections of the society.

Penury, in fact, is the root cause of all the troubles. It forces the poor parents to engage their children to work for them and earn something. The main culprits of the society are greedy contractors, the poor and uncaring parents and also the perceptors who do not teach. This gigantic wrong must stop and must be eliminated.

Law against child labour must be made strict and be enforced. Severe punishment should be given to those who indulged in or even encourage child labour. Though various steps have been taken by the government and many voluntree organisation are working to prevent the exploitation. Yet this social evil has not been eradicated completely. It is our foremost duty to look into this grave problem and take stringent actions in order to safeguard the rights of children.

The need of the hour for the government and NGOs is to come forward to establish institutes which provide free education and free meds. Primary education should be made mandatory. Until and unless we all get together to fight against the inhuman exploitation of children. We will not be able to eliminate this social stigma completely.