Place Of A Women In Society

It is rightly said woman is the backbone of society. From times immemorial, woman have been considered inferior to man in a patriarch society. Man has always treated woman not as an equal partner in life but as a mere slave. Biological superiority of man over woman has made him callous towards her. She has always being confined to the four walls of the house. Man has just treated her as an object of gratifying his sexual lust and physical desires.

Women have been denied most of the rights that give dignity of human beings. She has suffered a lot because of the whims and prejudices that man harbours towards her. But at the same time she has been called the better half of the man but unfortunately these are just sugar coated words. He abuses her physically, sexually, morally, economically and socially. There is no doubt that she has certainly been the victim of discrimination on the basis of sex. However, the scenario is changing very fast. The Constitution of India protects women’s rights by granting her equal status.

Woman have played a vital role in Indian struggle for freedom. Today, women are becoming more and more vigilant about their rights. They have discarded the Pardah system and have crossed the boundaries by exposing them in outer world. They are jostling with men in every walk of life braving their worth.

Education, political awareness and the impact of western culture have made her more vigil and aware about her rights. The concept of superiority of man is tottering. Today, woman have proved to be better doctors, administrators, pilots, academicians then many of the male counter parts. But despite this she is at the lower rung of the ladder in society. Though she is gaining economic independence but lately she is also exposed to sexual exploitation in offices and working places. Ironically, man still regards her as an unusual commodity.