Something the kitten taught me

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My brother is extremely extremely extremely (I don’t even know if it is grammatically correct or allowed, but you kinda get the picture now, I guess). We currently have 3 kittens and 3 fully grown up cats and a dog as well (well the dog was my doing). So, every day the kittens demand to be let free from their room of confinement and so we take them to the roof of the house (there are too many stray dogs and so the roads aren’t safe).

This one fine evening, when we had taken the kittens for a stroll in the rooftop, and they were playing(this is what they do whole day), one of them pushed the female kitten (only one of them is a female) off the roof. Ours is a two story house and the kitten was 2 months old. She fell on concrete floor and appeared pretty dead from the rooftop. My mother rushed down giving me strict instructions to take care of the remaining ones and I watched the other two like a hawk, should they try anything. Amidst all of this chaos, the mother cat was content with even one of her kittens with no knowledge of her third one what-so-ever. Later, I decided to gather the remaining 2 (+the mother) and head down. upon enquiry, I came to know the kitten was fine (bless her) and had suffered minor injuries(well her both hind legs had developed sort of a mild fracture). The bones weren’t fully developed and so they would easily heal. And heal she did. Within two days she was back on all fours having some difficulty climbing but doing her best to keep up with her siblings. Though what was interesting was the mother realizing her child was in distress and would probably stay weak developed some sort of special liking to her.( Even to this day, she is partial)

So, anyways, after a week of recovering from her fracture, the kitten was back in form, playing and jumping and meowing. Me and my family members thought that falling rom the roof nd all the kitten would probably be afraid of heights. But man did she prove us wrong. Keeping her away from the boundary became a task. Me and my mother would stay on two corners of the roof just to chase her away each time she came too near to the boundary for our liking. The other two kittens were afraid though and stayed away. The one who made the fall was later on capable of making it all the way down from the roof, this time without injuring her foot or any other body part and now this is the first thing she does every-time she is taken to the roof-top. It is now a task for their mother to have the other two kittens do the same. After all ,she is damn adamant on taking them out of the boundary.

So now every time I see the kitten, I think that just maybe surviving the fall she had somehow realized that it was the worst that could happen to her, should she fall, and that she was capable of making it out alive, just as she did the first time and so she tried each of the countless times we tried to contain her till the day she made it and all we could do was watch.

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