Taree zameen pr


Theme -Education 

Title of the movie-Tare zameen pr

Duration -120 minutes

Director -Amir khan & Amol Gupta


Amir khan, Darsheel safary and girija oak


The movie is about a boy named as Ishan Awashti, who found the difficulties in writing and reading. He is a creative boy who had his own sight to understand the world. He is not good in academics. He always found the words running when he tried to read them.  The eight year old loved his family. His brother and mother are always support him but his father wants to prepare him for the race of life. The conception for protagonist in the society (school & home) is that he lazy, trouble maker and rebellious. No one try to find out the struggles of that boy. He always compared on the basis of academic. 

Attitude of parents  family member and friends

The attitude of parents towards their child is always loving and caring. In this movie, the mother of ishan   also loved him very much. She always supports him and help in studies. She cares about him day and night. His mother’s tried to help him and never judge him or compare him with siblings. 

Whereas his father, is always compare him with his sibling. He wanted his child to studies well and cope up with the world. when the school suggest him to out the ishan in some special school he get angry and decided to take out the enrolment of ishan from the current school and enrolled in him a boarding school. His father doesn’t want to accept that his son can have any such kind of problems.

The bonding of ishan and his brother youhan was really good. He always support and love him. He cares about his little brother and tried to engage him studies at his level.

Ishan have only one friend in boarding school, Rajan. He is the only person who found that ishan have a different perspective to understand the things. 

Attitude and role of teachers 

The attitude of teachers toward ishan was not good at all. They always ishan found as trouble maker and messy student. They don’t try to listens his side. According to them, he doesn’t want to learns the things and write them proper way. The teachers are follows traditional method of teaching. They consider the life as the race and school as the training campus. Being teachers they have a different perspective for differently abled children. They called ishan – a trouble maker and abnormal. This movie also focus that the teachers have a mindset that all the children with disabilities should be placed in special and isolation from other children.

Nikumbh (Amir) able to understand the problem of ishan and trying to create a special bond with him. He always tried to motivate ishan directly and indirectly. He found his own childhood in ishan and trying to help him. 

Educational implication

  • The movie shows the traditional method of teaching. In traditional teaching, the teacher decided what to make the read and learn to the student, even in arts class teacher asked them to draw what they have drawn on blackboard.
  •  In traditional teaching, the students consider as the blank board. But need to the student also matters in teaching. What we teach is not enough, what they understand is important.
  • The teacher should have patience and try to find the reason behind the action of students.
  • It is responsibility of a teacher to calm the every curiosity of students.
  • There should be spread the awareness about the inclusive education.
  • The school should involve the parents in educational activities.
  • The teacher should help the children if they found something wrong with the children.
  • There should be a healthy competition in school.
  • The child should not be judges on their academics.
  • The school should try to boast up the self -esteem of students.


‘Tare zameen pr this movie is about the needs of children and methods of teaching in the school. The movie is focus over the methods of teaching in school. While watching the movie I found that the tradition method of teaching focuses on academic more than overall development whereas the modern method of teaching focuses over the participants of students and make them understand the concept behind the topic. 

The movie shows the two types of teachers, one who have willing to understand children and wants to help them not only academics levels but also emotional and personal problems. This is the time when the teachers, parents and society have to understand that only academics can’t help the children but the overall development of child is important.

The movie focuses on inclusion of the education. The perspective of seen the children with the disabilities is really pathetic. More us we see them as the good for thing which shows that are only qualified not educated. Inclusive education gives the opportunity to other children for making positive approach for the children with disabilities. We have to understand the children with disabilities are not different from us, they are just differently abled they don’t need our sympathy, what they need is just a positive and better environment where they can learn, read and write.


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