What causes dandruff?

Dandruff is a common condition that causes the skin on the scalp to flake. Dandruff is caused due to a fungus name Malassezia Globosa that feeds on oils on the scalp. The natural oils on scalp called sebum are key requirement to fuel the dandruff causing microbe. Malassezia feeds on these oils, breaking down it into oelic acid. The body reacts to presence of oelic acid by increasing the speed at which your skin cells renew. People with dandruff have too much sebum on their scalp. This enhances an overgrowth of malassezia, which can also cause atopic dermatitis and lesions.

Tips to reduce dandruff

  1. Apply apple cider vinegar.
  2. Apply mehndi.
  3. Use fenugreek seed.
  4. Use neem juice and neem oil.
  5. Keep yourself hydrated.
  6. Proper diet plan.

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