what is Information technology?

Information technology or IT is a very interesting and popular field in our life. Basically ,information technology is the use and development of computer software , system and networks or we can say , it is anything related to the computers, and a person or employee who is working on information technology is refer to as IT professional who has a descent knowledge of dealing with it.

We all know that in this generation, computers have revolutionized in today’s industries. whether it is Business, entertainment , shopping , software development or any other. Today computer are being used almost in every sector. IT has played a huge role in this.

In brief, IT includes all matters concerned with advancement of computer science and technology with its use , development and implementation of information systems. We all have become dependent on it we cannot imagine even a single day without it. It also plays a huge role in networking. IT industry is considered as the quickest growing industry in the world.

Now let us discuss about what is a work of an IT professional, but first let us think about making of computers. The one who makes its CPU, one who makes processor ,one who makes monitor, one who develops software , one who connects the computer with internet for us, one who makes websites and other things. these all things that I have stated are not all jobs and work that are linked with IT. IT have a very vast scope. Almost all things are connected with information technology for example , traffic lights that switch between different lights , train ticket reservation system that tells us the number of seats in a train for a particular destination. And books it automatically. There are many many other examples also which is all about information technology. Our life is connected with IT or products of IT.

IT as a career option

It is a very good field for choosing as a career option. IT has many fields that requires good planning to decide on the area that we can choose our career. It can be software development , networking or Animation. we have to update ourselves with new technologies day by day because software keeps on upgrading in short periods of time. if we have a training in a particular domain or or an extra knowledge it is always beneficiary for us with our bachelor’s or master’s degree. We can also do different courses through various platforms to learn various technology and use that certificates in future. And there are many other ways to become good in information technology.

In today’s world different IT companies are hiring IT professionals from different countries. To extract best talent available and make their network large. With a good internet speed , professionals can also work from home or from their preferred location .There are different posts in an IT company. like a programmer . network engineer , hardware technician , Project manager and many other important posts. To sum up , Information technology is a very important and one of the biggest sector in the world and we can build a secure career in it.