What is the importance of transgender in our eyes, and is transgender also a part of our nature?

Often, as soon as there is talk of transgender, many questions come in the mind of people that this is not normal, this transgender is not like us. But the life of transgender is also like us normal human beings, they also have a heart like us, they have a brain like us, they are also hungry like us, they also need shelter like us. So how is it different from us ?transgender is also a part of this beautiful world and nature like us. In our nature apart from male and female, there is another class that is neither completely male nor female. Whom the people of the society know as Hijra or Kinnar or Transgender. And transgender is known by another name which I find very beautiful name for them is Ardhanarishwar which is made for them only.

Transgender: They have both male and female qualities at the same time. Their living style, dress and occupation are also different from both male and female. Despite being like a common man, she is different from us. Transgender If this word is read then it will hardly take a second or two and if we try to understand it, then in 15 to 20 minutes any knowledgeable person will easily explain who are transgender. The same transgender we call Hijra, or six. But we hardly know this pain. By pressing this pain in their chest, transgender’s dance with their palms in front of common people, entertain them. His palms are his sigh and his thumb is pain. These people do not belong to any second or third house but are part of our own society. Because Seeing the way we treat them, the only question that arises in our heart is that eunuchs are not a part of human society? Probably not because it is the people who are indulging in the society, who have accepted only one religion, dance, sing, beat the palm, or you can give any other name if you want, like Hijra, six, etc. We always forget that his body is his too, he takes breath too, he eats food, he also casts his vote, he wears clothes too. Then how is he different from the society?

Our government has made many bills for transgender’s, Ardhanarishwar has also been given the right in the society, he is also a part of our society like us. Ardhanarishwar has been given the right to study like us, he has got all those rights like us, he has been given respect. Some actors have even made movies on them. They have every right to live their life like us because just as we are a part of this world, they are also a part of it.

Now is the time to change us, to change our thinking, To understand Ardhanarishwar as a part of our society, Transgender is also called the form of God Ardhanarishwar, But if we do not consider him as a god, then we should consider him as a human being. And there are many such families in our country who consider Ardhanarishwar as respect and a part of our society And it is true that no one can change it that transgender is an important part of our nature.

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