Adult lifestyles

Adult lifestyle symbolises the way an adult prefers to the lead the rest of their life. Adults have the choice to do whatever they want. It’s up to them to make the right choice and to choose the right person they want to spend their time with. Society has come a long way in terms of adult relationships and ways of expressing them. In earlier times, the only relationship between people were marriages but these days, things have changed or been revised. Every adult would pick a choice that is healthy and comfortable for them such as being single, hooking up, being friends with benefits, co habilitation or marriage.

• Single hood:
Single hood was popularized in the early 20’s as many people had many reasons to not want to be with someone else or wanting to be a part of somebody else’s life. They could have made the choice due to numerous reasons. Some could be the fact that they haven’t found anybody they liked or anybody compatible with them or somebody who understands them better than others. This is very common nowadays in young adults as this give some more space and time to learn about themselves and focus on their career and learn to grow.

• Hooking up:
Hooking up also popularised in the late 20s. This was not a thing back in the day as many people believed in pure relations and marriages being the ultimate goal. People probably hook up because they do not want to commit to a relationship or they are just looking for a way to destress.

• Friends with benefits:
Friends with benefits is when both the parties exchange mutual pleasure. This is where none of them have committed to relationship but still spend time with each other having sexual relations. But that is where it stops. At times, it could also grow into something else or it could end, as one person might catch feelings for the other and it might make things uncomfortable and awkward.

• Co habilitation:
Cohabitation is 2 people lived together under the same roof. This is very common in American societies but not outside America as the parents don’t approve of this as it is not conventional and appropriate. The penis my be worried about what other people might have to say. Sometimes it is not ideal for couples as they might grow to dislike each other and some of their habits while living together which might cause a breakup.

• Marriage:
Marriages have always been the trend since ancient times. According to parents and the society this is the most appropriate relation for a man and a woman to be in. Some people might even like marriages, getting married and having a family of their on, etc. But some people might have different ideas about this. Adults have their own choices and they might not want to get married. The types of marriages are arranged marriages, love marriages and marriages where the couple elopes.

Every person has their own thoughts and abilities to make decisions for themselves and therefore nobody should be judged for what ever they choose. It should be their choice and their choice only as they are the ones living the life and not anybody else so it’s important to respect the others opinion.

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