There are times when we struggle with remembering information. This can be general information such as the name of a person you met a week back or information related to academics. Many times this can be shameful if you are unable to remember correct information at the required time.

While the fact that there can be serious memory issues due to which people tend to forget things cannot be ignored, but most of the time it is our own issue or rather our own conception that makes us forget things. The capacity of our brain to sort out, store and recall information can beat the best computer in the world. The brain is extraordinarily faster and much better than any computer. But still, some people find it difficult to remember even the slightest of information. 

Now the next question is that can this issue be solved? Is there a way that one can almost everything that he/she hears, sees, listens, or reads? Well, every problem has a solution and so does this.

Mentioned below are some factors of low memory and given along with them are ways to overcome this and develop a sharp memory.

  1. Meaningfulness is important-  Meaningless information is difficult to remember. So if you want to remember and retain something for long, you must somehow make it meaningful. This is can be achieved by making diagrams or charts, organizing the information, and applying mnemonic systems. This way the concerned information will get interesting and easier to remember.
  2. Aural and Visual Memory- Some people have better visual memory (sharp memory of what they see), while some possess better aural memory (memory of what they hear). Take time and decide which of these two you are better at and try remembering information using that medium. This will aid you in remembering information better and for a longer period of time.
  3. Making the learning process interesting- We do not pay heed and remember information that we do not like or find interesting. Making information interesting is important for better connectivity and relativity and remembrance of information.
  4. Learn from whom you like- At times the subject or information in question might be uninteresting but the person imparting that knowledge might do so in an interesting and simple way. This is also a way to keep information to be stored in the memory bank for a long.
  5. Attention is important- Many a time it is not our memory but we who are at fault. This is because due attention is not given when some information is tried to be consumed. Hence, giving proper attention while hearing, reading, or listening to information is necessary for a better memory span.
  6. Adequate sleep – Proper sleep schedule not being followed can be another vital reason for a degraded memory.

Our brain is really powerful and can do wonders if used properly. The harnessing of the magical powers of the brain requires practice and determination. You may fail in the beginning but you will eventually learn and remember things better. 

Good Luck!

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