What is the National Sport of India?

Every Indian School child is taught that the peacock is India’s National Bird, Tiger is the national Animal, Jana gana Mana is the national Anthem, and Hockey is the national sport.

But in India, the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports in 2012 cleared that no particular sport is recognised as India’s National Game.

Some people called Hockey as the National Sport probably because of the international success that hockey gained since it’s Olympic debut in the early 20th century. In 1928, the Indian men’s hockey team made their debut at the Olympics, and won 6 gold medal between 1928-1956. Though their performance declined later.

Similarly, some people believe Kabaddi as the National Sport of India because Kabaddi too is most popularly played in India. Kabaddi is one of the Oldest sports in our country.

But the truth is that the national game of India is neither Hockey nor Kabaddi. There is no sport which has been declared or recognised as the National Sport of India till date.

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