Book Review – Half Torn Hearts

Half Torn Hearts is the 14th novel of Novoneel Chakraborty. Novoneel usually writes the suspense and thriller novel, but this novel differs from Novoneel’s other books, and is definitely a masterpiece.

Half Torn Hearts : Chakraborty, Novoneel: Books


Shanay Bansal, a young and successful entrepreneur, is looking forward to his engagement with Afsana Agarwal. But a few weeks before the engagement, he receives intriguing voice message from someone from Afsana’s past. Curious, Shanay plays the voice message and through those other such messages, a different world from the past opens up about a beautiful relationship that got broken because of a terrible lie.


There are mainly three characters: Nirmaan, Raisa and Afsana. Nirmaan and Raisa are childhood, good friends. They meet in the year 1996 in Guwahati. Nirmaan offers her to play with him and his friends. In the beginning, she doesn’t but later agrees and becomes good friends. Besides Nirmaan, she doesn’t have any friends.

After six years, in 2002, they again meet in Kolkata in the school named St. Peter’s High. In the beginning, he gets surprised to see her. She tells how she gets admission in the school. Time has changed, and they have grown up, but Raisa doesn’t prefer to change. She wants everything to be like earlier times. She doesn’t leave Nirmaan most of the time and he gets annoyed. He tries to explain to Raisa that things have changed, time has changed, but she didn’t seem to understand. 

Later, in the same school, she meets Afsana Agrawal, and they become best friends. They become soul sisters; whereas Nirmaan doesn’t like Afsana and tells Raisa to stay away from Afsana, but she still hangs out with Afsana. Time passes and these innocent minds did not know how thier lives would turn. Raisa fails in class X whereas Afsana and Nirmaan pass the exam. They get admission to the same college. With time, both fall in love but they weren’t able to express their feelings. 

On the one hand, Afsana is in with Nirmaan and her parent has searched her guy ten years elder and her parents want her to marry when she returns 18. She couldn’t share this with Nirmaan and shares with Raisa. Raisa is one who makes them together and gets intimate with him, but she doesn’t share about her so-called soon fiancée.

With time, they get separated. What is the reason for the separation, and why is she getting married to Shanay? What will Shanay do after knowing the truth?


This story has three main characters and their selfless love and that willingness to destroy owns self for the person they love. There are quite few many difficulties in their life but the way their love has been portrayed it won my heart. Some secrets, some revelations and then an unexpected climax – everything is just so catchy that I could not put the book down till I completed reading it. So, half torn hearts will definitely win many hearts of the readers!! And the most beautiful part about this book is the Hindi poems in between the story which gave that storyline the perfect essence of emotions.

While reading the novel, we can tell that not every relationship is about flowing together forever. People who meant the world to us at one time will seem like a distant memory at another.
In conclusion, I could say it’s interesting and engaging. It’s a heart crushing story with surprising revelations and a touching climax.