India is nation of 1.3 billion individuals yet we are aching for gold medals. Though little nations like France, Japan and Germany have more gold medals than our complete awards till now. What could be the explanation ? Do our people need potential or difficult work ? No, we have potential however we don’t utilize it.

Since our youth we are advised to do well in examinations, we scarcely have any games period in our school. Numerous nations have sports like gymnastic, volleyball and swimming in their school however we don’t have any. A few guardians don’t permit their children to play any games since they imagine that it could influence their scholarly.

In our nation sports like cricket are given more significance. Cricketers are viewed as God though scarcely anybody knows the names of our Hockey players which is our national sport. Cricket isn’t directed in Olympics. Simply 10 to 12 nations play cricket and we feel extraordinary in the wake of winning a World cup directed between those 12 nations. Cricket is a game which brought by Britishers while games like Kabaddi and wrestling are from India.

Tokyo Olympics Daily: India wins hockey bronze after years of  disappointment | Financial Times

Our Government additionally spend extremely less cash on sports. A portion of the players don’t have appropriate equipment. They additionally need to battle a great deal since some of them come from small towns. They need to confront analysis which the players of different nations don’t confront.

After this load of issues we anticipate that our country should win medals and assuming we don’t, we censure our players. We have been playing Olympics from 100 years while China from 69 years then additionally they have all out 250 gold medals though our all out awards are scarcely 40. Our players are not lacking anyplace they simply need our help and legitimate offices. Assuming we need our nation to more win medals in next Olympics then we should chip away at these issues.

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