Where to Look for an Internship

Hunting for internships? Read the Article to Know Where to Look!
Once you know your interests and prospects. You can start hunting for internships opportunities. Here is how you can start!

Job sites

Websites like Internshala and Linkedin have many jobs and internship listings. Research well! Look for the internship titles you’re interested in, and narrow result down by location, size, industry company rating, pay and more. To get relevant updates in your inbox, create a job alert.

Internships and Job fair

Your college, as well as other students organization often organise career and internship fairs- make sure to attend them as they allow you to connect face-to-face with hiring decision-makers.

Leverage Your Network

Getting a personal recommendation can make all the difference in your internship search, so make sure to reach out to friends, family, colleagues, classmates, professor and alumni to see if they know anyone hiring. Another great strategy is to look up the companies you’re interested in and reach out to employees there for an informational interview – don’t underestimate yourself!

Cold Mailing companies

If you have a dream company in mind but they don’t have any relevant internship you can always try writing them a letter of interest in hopes that they will either contact you when one opens or even create a position for you. It’s a longshot, but worth a try.

Put a word on your social media

Job hunts are as dynamic as technology-you don’t have to stick to the above mentioned traditional methods of job hunting! Put a word on your Instagram stories, make a post on Linked ln and Facebook. opportunities present themselves in the most unexpected places!