World War II

World War II was a war globally fought between many world countries that formed two military alliances – Allies and Axis Powers. This war lasted between 1939-1945. More than 30 countries had participated involving around 100 personnel. World War II was the deadliest of wars. Countries had strategically used military resources and bombing strategies to conquer. Nuclear weapons used during this war still haunts the country that was a victim of such inhuman act to destroy humanity. Millions of people had died as a result of genocides, outbreak of dangerous diseases, starvation, large massacres.

This war is said to gave generally started on 1st September 1939, when Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany captured Poland. The United Kingdom and France had declared war on Germany. Germany had control over Europe countries and decided to join Italy and Japan, forming Axis Alliance. In mid-1940’s, France had failed and was falling, while campaigns were run in North Africa and East Africa. So, the war then continued between the Axis power and United Kingdom.

Nazi Germany went on to conquer Soviet Union opening the Eastern Front. This strategy trapped the Axis Power. Japan aimed to capture most parts of Asia and the Pacific. But it in a state of war with Republic of China in 1937. In 1941, Japan attacked America and British territories.  It even tried to capture Central Pacific and Southeast Asia. US declared war on Japan after it attacked on the US fleet at Pearl Harbor. Germany and Italy were defeated. Germans were being defeated with on Eastern Front. Western allies captured and occupied Germany and France. Soviet Union reacquired it territories. Germans had occupied European countries but with Hitler’s death the Germans had surrendered. A statement called Potsdam Declaration, stated surrender of Japanese military forces was refused to sign by Japan. USA dropped nuclear bomb on Hiroshika on 6th August and Nagasaki on 9th August that was today. The fear of more nuclear bombings and Soviet Union invasion, Japan signed document of surrender. France, China, United Kingdom, United States and Soviet Union had become victorious. At the end, USA and Soviet Union had become major powers to influence countries around the world.

World War II proved to be devastating with millions of deaths around the world.  Adolf Hitler was responsible for Holocaust that killed more than 6 million people. Policies of Hitler were against Jews that involved mass killing. Ukrainians and Russians were also mercilessly killed. Biological and chemical weapons were tested against innocent people and the prisoners by Germans and Japanese. Germans had captured young children and deported to Auschwitz. They forced to labor and were medically experimented. Germans occupied millions of Europeans and slaved them in German industry. Japan had camps of prisoners of wars that were mainly used as labor camp. Nuclear bombings in Japan were the worst of all. The fatality of the bombings still haunts Japanese people affecting the young generation through physical disability. Asia witnessed greater than 10 million killings. Nanking Massacre killed thousands of Chinese civilians. They were raped and murdered.

World War caused tremendous life and property destruction. Economies of various countries had failed to provide for the civilians due to enormous financial loss. This war showcased pure hatred towards innocent civilians.

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