Terrorism is a criminal act that seeks to instil terror in ordinary people. It is a danger to mankind. It covers anybody or any organisation who spreads violence, such as riots, burglaries, rapes, kidnappings, fights, bombs, and so on. Terrorism is a cowardly act. Terrorism is also unrelated to religion. A terrorist is a terrorist, regardless of whether he or she is Hindu or Muslim.

Types of Terrorism

Terrorism is classified into two types: political terrorism, which causes widespread alarm, and criminal terrorism, which involves abduction for ransom money. Political terrorism is even more dangerous than criminal terrorism since it is carried out by well-trained individuals. As a result, it becomes difficult for law enforcement organisations to apprehend them in a timely manner.

Terrorism spreads at both the national and international levels. Regional terrorism is the most violent type of terrorism. Because terrorists believe that dying as a terrorist is precious and holy, they are prepared to go to any length. All of these terrorist organisations are formed for a variety of reasons.

Causes of Terrorism

There are several major causes of terrorism, including rapid population growth, politics, social and economic problems, dissatisfaction with the country’s system, a lack of education, corruption, racism, economic inequality, and linguistic differences. Terrorism is used as a weapon to show and justify one’s point of view. The most well-known riots are those between Hindus and Muslims, although there is a distinction between caste and terrorism.

The Effects Of Terrorism

Terrorism instils fear in individuals, and as a result, people in the country feel insecure. Terrorist attacks damage millions of products, take the lives of thousands of innocent people, and slaughter animals. After witnessing a terrorist attack, disbelief in mankind grows, giving rise to another terrorist. There are several forms of terrorism in various areas of the country and throughout the world.

Today, terrorism is not just a concern in India, but also in our neighbouring nation, and governments all over the world are working hard to combat it. The September 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the World Trade Center is widely regarded as the world’s biggest. Osama bin Laden attacked the world’s tallest skyscraper, resulting in millions of injuries and the deaths of thousands of people.

Terrorist Attacks in India

India has suffered several terrorist attacks which created fear among the public and caused huge destruction. Here are some of the major terrorist attacks that hit India in the last few years: 1991 – Punjab Killings, 1993 – Bombay Bomb Blasts, RSS Bombing in Chennai, 2000 – Church Bombing, Red Fort Terrorist Attack,2001- Indian Parliament Attack, 2002 – Mumbai Bus Bombing, Attack on Akshardham Temple, 2003 – Mumbai Bombing, 2004 – Dhemaji School Bombing in Assam,2005 – Delhi Bombings, Indian Institute of Science Shooting, 2006 – Varanasi Bombings, Mumbai Train Bombings, Malegaon Bombings, 2007 – Samjhauta Express Bombings, Mecca Masjid Bombing, Hyderabad Bombing, Ajmer Dargah Bombing, 2008 – Jaipur Bombings, Bangalore Serial Blasts, Ahmedabad Bombings, Delhi Bombings, Mumbai Attacks, 2010 – Pune Bombing, Varanasi Bombing.

The recent ones include 2011 – Mumbai Bombing, Delhi Bombing, 2012 – Pune Bombing, 2013 – Hyderabad Blasts, Srinagar Attack, Bodh Gaya Bombings, Patna Bombings, 2014 – Chhattisgarh Attack, Jharkhand Blast, Chennai Train Bombing, Assam Violence, Church Street Bomb Blast, Bangalore, 2015 –  Jammu Attack, Gurdaspur Attack, Pathankot Attack, 2016 – Uri Attack, Baramulla Attack, 2017 – Bhopal Ujjain Passenger Train Bombing, Amarnath Yatra Attack, 2018 Sukma Attack, 2019- Pulwama attack.

Agencies fighting Terrorism in India

To combat terrorism in India, many police, intelligence, and military institutions have created specific agencies. In India, major anti-terrorism agencies include the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS), the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), and the National Investigation Agency (NIA).


Terrorism has evolved into a worldwide concern that must be addressed at the outset. Terrorism cannot be handled only by law enforcement forces. People all across the world will need to band together to combat the rising menace of terrorism.