Want you knowledge to get applied somewhere , internship is the chance . Just having a good degree is no longer enough to secure that all-important graduate job offer in today’s world. Pertinent work experience is now just as valuable as your degree and exam results when it comes to building a successful career. As a result, internships have become an essential way to help candidates make themselves stand out. The importance of an internship has been shown in several recent surveys. According to NACE’s Class of 2019 Student Survey, “More than half of all graduating seniors who applied for a full-time job (53.2%) received at least one job offer. Within this group, 57.5% of students who had an internship and 43.7% of graduating seniors who did not have an internship received a job offer.”

Internship helps you get the exposure which you want in any cooperate sector or any organization or non profit organization. It gives you a platform to establish a wide network connection . It helps you to know about yourself , you get to know about your caliber , your potential to cope up with the real industrial work . it help you to lean professional work as well as technical skills according to the requirements of the organization .



This is one of the most popular and probably the first website which all students or workers with no previous experience should usually start at. This website provides all its users with literally thousands of opportunities in all fields and domains. The process for applying to internships on this website is also incredibly simple. To get the process started you would first be required to make a login ID and password. Once you have that then you can access a large number of internships which are available on this website. You can manage and edit your resume at any time and can also find the right internship for you by using the filter box on the side. This website ensures that it connects everybody to trusted and assured companies who are genuinely interested in hiring interns. This website also gives assurance that they are connected to trusted companies & also help you to in various forms like how to talk to others , maintain professionalism .

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a very famous community of professional networks which is known for providing the best jobs. This company connects working professionals on a single platform and allows them to communicate in a professional manner. At this website, you can post jobs or even apply for them. However, what most people don’t know is that this website also allows people to apply for internships.

There is also an entire section of this website which is devoted to students and working professionals alike who wish to learn new and relevant skills. This website allows users to filter their search for internships and it offers thousands of options for everybody to choose from. 

3. LetsIntern

This website exposes students to some of the best internships from a number of large organizations like Tencent, the Indian Express, and Comic-Con India. The website enables employers and students to register in a similar process, which enables better communication between organizations and their interns. They are putting all their hard work to provide you all with the bust internship offers & job offers.

4. Twenty19

With a user base of over 6 lakh students, Twenty19 brings students and companies on a single platform for projects, internships, volunteering opportunities etc. The platform shares your personal profiles with corporate companies to select to enhance the quality of interns. This portal is free of cost for the students as well as colleges.

5. stuMagz

This is a Digital Campus Discovery Platform based out of Hyderabad which was founded in 2015. You can find both tech and non-tech internships here. The site offers a great way to build your profile. The user interface is great and easy to use. With the reach of 500+ colleges, stuMagz serves as the platform for brands to reach out to a talented pool of students.