Water resources in India

Water is one of the most essential natural source for us to survive and we have heard it quite a lot time that we cannot survive without it. today I will discuss various resources of water in our country and need to conserve it for future.

In India , we have various resources of water . India receives water from precipitation is about 4000 cubic km. This rain occurs mostly in monsoon seasons with north and northeast getting maximum rain. India has about 4 % of total world’s water resources.

Beside these resources , India has a vast coastline with intended coast in some states. Odisha , Kerala and west Bengal have vast surface water resources in form of lakes. this water is also used for Irrigation of some crops. Irrigation is process of watering of agricultural plants through artificial ways. The availability from surface water ( from lakes , pond , rivers and tanks ) is about 1869 cubic kilometer. Though this level of water is more than enough but , most of the area in India is under tropical climate . About 92% of water is used in Agriculture , 6% for drinking and 2 % for industries. For agriculture , rain is most important resources in India but due to uncertainty of rainfall , uneven distribution of rainfall , crop requirements and nature of the soil, Irrigation is widely used in our country.( source : Jasmine Rachel ,135).

Irrigation are done in India by various ways . It totally depends upon availability of surface and ground water. Various means of irrigation are wells ,tanks , canals and others.

  1. well :- well is a very common source of irrigation we all have seen it in various places. it is a small hole dug in the surface of the earth to obtain water for irrigation. it is a very simple and cheap source of Irrigation.

2. Tube wells : – it is a deeper well at the depth of 20 – 30 m from which water is lifted up for various uses . it can irrigate large area for agriculture. it brings a large amount of underground water. but is little bit expensive.

3. Canals : – canal is the biggest source for irrigation . it is stretched for lakhs of kilometers. Basically ,there are different types of canals that is Inundation canals and Perennial canals . canal irrigation is practiced in Uttar Pradesh , Madhya Pradesh , Rajasthan , Andhra Pradesh and various regions.

Water conservation

Water is a natural resources in our planet . it is a basic need of humans . But due to overuse of it ( increase in population and irrigation) its demand has raised a lot since few years. and amount of water has significantly fallen. some experts also say that world war 3 could be fought due to shortage of water in various countries. we need to conserve water as much as possible . some reasons for it are :-

  1. The overuse of underground water.
  2. Irrigation
  3. The demand of water for industrial use is increasing day by day.
  4. The increase in country’s population.

Water conservation is a very serious mater . fresh water is also declining from earth’s surface. we need to take good steps to conserve water and use efficient measures to conserve water. some techniques to conserve water are rainwater harvesting , water recycling etc.