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Successful long term innovative companies have a broad vision mantra. Apple’s is “How do we make your life easier.” The main vision for apple product designers is observed to be improved accessibility, simplicity, and increase in functionality. In fact, the design seems to be of utmost importance in apple products that they appear to ignore manufacturing practicalities.

Apple design is more than the way something looks but the way it works on so many levels. Design defines experience because simplicity, clarity, and efficiency depict beauty. The designers work on bringing order to complexity. Almost all Apple products have a unique Unibody software that is thinner, resilient, all made out of a piece of aluminum. Each product is designed from the very beginning, its software.

Each product is identified with ways to be better, perhaps even before they are released. As they progressed the products became more intuitive and easy to understand and learn. To quote Jony Ives, “The best designs aren’t reserved, they’re used immediately”.

For example, the Macbook has the most efficient design possible, inventions across many disciplines, new MacBook is thinner and precise, butterfly mechanism, single led is used to illuminate keys, refined from glass to pixels, any moving parts(vents and fans) are eliminated to allow it to operate in silence and it’s extremely portable.

Within a visibly small amount of time, the Macbook Pro was released. It’s built for the extreme level of performance, remarkably portable. Most of the larger apple products give viewing content priority. Apple has a unique quality highlighted in the Macbooks and iMacs are the asymmetric fans that ensure even the lowest frequency of sounds to be heard.

Similarly, the iPhones, iPads, even Operating Systems were continuously developed. The changes and developments were tracked; they were observed and then developed. Most recreations in a more portable and smaller size weren’t reduced from the original version, rather, the main functions were concentrated into the new ones.

The video shares how much extensive research goes into a product to fit the user in the best way possible. The apple smart watch’s display time was consulted with multiple professionals before adapted into the watch itself. The watch could be highly personalized to fit the user. Self-expression was permitted via – multiple watch faces, different straps, each strap made of different materials, the hardware of aluminum, steel, and gold, wrist locks were made of different designs as well.

As the products progressed, they only became more successful, leaving little to none defective characteristics. Each product became more reliable and relatable. New ideas were easy to adapt.

Apple didn’t advertise its products in comparison to other branded products, but it’s own. The newest additions or improvements were announced first and then the relatability and familiarity are created using older products.  The consistently high-quality products from this brand are one of the reasons why Apple is successful.

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