Greediness is the path of destruction of people. When people are greedy, they are blinded by the wrong actions and never be able to come of from that without a constant effort. To make you understand easier, I brought you a story written by C. Rajagopalachari who is was the last Governor-General of India.

Quotes about Being Greedy (39 quotes)

The protagonist of the story is Rammaya. He is a simple man living with his wife in a nice house made of tiled roof in a small town. Though he is not rich, he could take care of this family well. There lived two sparrows in the nice spot of the tiled roof of Rammaya’s house adn the mother bird has laid its eggs in the nest.

The male sparrow asked the female why Ramaya’s wife often quarrel with Rammaya. The female replied how could I know and told the male to mind its own business. Then the male sparrow said, you are always self-centered and also asked whether thy could help Rammaya. The female sparrow replied aggressively “don’t talk about the matter that does’nt concern us. It is enough for us if the cat doesn’t come to us”. Here comes the main twist.

The male sparrow picked a diamond nose-jewel somewhere from the land. As soon as picking it, went to its nest and asked the female bird ” Do you like it?” The female replied, what could I do with this diamond jewel. It scolded the male to bring food for the young ones. this male bird dropped the diamond jewel in the house and went to search food for the young ones.

Rammaya’s wife noticed the stud while sweeping the floor. She didn’t think of anything and with delight she wore it. Ramaya became angry and asked her how did she get that diamond stud. She replied causally that she found it and so she wore it. Rammaya insisted her to hand it over to the village magistrate. He also said, if police come and search for it, it will be a disgrace for us.

In the neighbourhood, the talk begun about the lost diamond-stud. The owner of the stud is Meenakshi Ammal’s daughter. She consoled the little girl and also said not to tell her father. If he knows he would in rage, said Meenakshi Ammal. But this talk was heard by the little girl’s father and it has to be admitted. The suspect was the maid-servant Kuppayi. The police searched her but could find nothing. After hearing this, Rammaya was very timid and his wife put the diamond ring in a safe place. Soon after that she had severe fever and was kept in the bed. So no one searched their house.

The male sparrow said, the lady of the house is scared and is down with fever. Replied the female sparrow, it is solely due to your doing. THe male answered bravely, “Did I ask her to steal it?” THis is because the humans are bound to be greedy. The female appreciated the male and said that we should never be greedy for what belongs to others.

The story came to an end by, Rammaya and his wife lived their whole life with the fear of being caught. THe diamond-stud may be with them but the fear of getting caught is more than that.

The thing I understand from the story is, We humans have six sense yet we don’t have conscience. We are greedy and not being truthful and helpful to others. We know birds have only five senses. Do think about the birds and humans. The birds aren’t greedy forwhat doesn’t belong to them. But the humans are greedy.

Even if you don’t help otherrs, try not to be greedy!!!