T.V., mobiles , computers and the Suffering childhood

Photo by Jean van der Meulen on Pexels.com

Ever since the onset of the pandemic and the beginning of online classes, mobiles and computers have played a significant role in education and mobile, televisions and laptops are the source of entertainment to kids and relaxation to the parents. Since the advent and accessibility of technology to children, its ability to entice the mind of children has grown exponentially. Programs and advertisements meant specifically for kids , it increases the overall effect technology has on the mind of children.

Though the technology today is important for education, its negative effects on the minds and body of children plays a significant role. It affects the cognitive development of child’s mental faculties, and lowers their concentration level ,with them switching to various modes of entertainment in between their studies. t also , very severely might I add, degrades health and physicality of a growing child, caused due to increased exposure to radiations and lack of physical activities. Children are exposed to sensitive and violent content that later reflects in their behaviors. Children really are growing far quickly than their ages. All these reasons being mentioned, children are leading themselves to paths of self destruction. Online people are exposed to certain degrees of online harassments (eg.- phishing). Adults can protect themselves, having gained knowledge and awareness, but what about kids? We all agree as to how the presence of any digital device in close vicinity is more than enough to keep us up for hours. Grown up and all , this is our level of self restraint. So let us think about kids. Unsupervised, what restraint will those kids show?

The children have, due to years of access, grown a certain fondness over their gadgets as well as over those lethargic activities they call games . As a result, younger children are having issues with face-to-face social interactions. Many of them (well, even us adults sometimes) seem to prefer to text or talk on social media as opposed to talking to each other in-person. Even when children spend time together, they may spend more time texting or on their phones than actually being together, engaging in group activities and games. Well, group activities now refer to chat rooms and online games.  

Though, we can’t disagree, the important role technology has in the overall development of a child’s personality. Access to world class education, unlimited resources and that too without any geographic or economic barrier (well, not not any but definitely reduced barriers). But it is important that it is carefully regulated, especially for the children in the teen or pre-teen age group.