We have transitioned well into the third decade of the 21st century now, with various changes happening around us everyday. With the inception of technology, internet, phones and numerous gadgets which have made our lives very easy, we have developed a lot as compared to the earlier few decades, and have also learnt to grasp and get accustomed to all the advanced machines we are introduced to. Life has become faster and easier for sure due to all of this, but we have reached a new high level of competition in life owing to all these changes. This has led to a lot of stress in our daily routine and the constant need to become all the smarter has seeped into our minds to such a level that we’ve started to miss the joy and satisfaction of the cute and lovely little things that happen with and around us each day. The happy space that we used to spend our childhood in with that chill-pill attitude has all withered away, and all that is left is the stress and hunger to be better each day and walk in sync with a thorough knowledge of what’s buzzing in the world. We have indeed become smarter, as the bar of gaining as much knowledge as possible goes higher and higher, but this is somehow leading to giving the quaint, happy time that we desperately need and deserve a miss.
As we progress into a more advanced future, it is equally important to enjoy and savour all the cherishable moments in life, all because we have been gifted with only one! We need to destress, detoxify and rejuvenate ourselves once in a while to find ourselves, our interests, calmness and happiness, a state of mind with contentment and lasting inner peace. We need to take a break from the tiring routine, give all the tensions and work a break, and take a fun ride in the quest to get freshened up completely – a deep cleaning ritual if we may call it so! The real outside world is mesmerising, and we ought to experience its beauty with all our senses and live each moment in a stress-free environment. We can probably keep those electronics away for a few days and embrace the charm and charisma of the nature beheld before our eyes. It is necessary to detox and keep our calm in the chaos of the world in order to function efficiently, as it improves our productivity. To achieve this, we need to dive deeper into our mind, find what disturbs its peace and balance, rectify the problem, and voila! But this is quite easier said than done. The process of introspection is complicated, and we need to take out special time for concentrating on it. But just like the body needs its set of nutrients in order to function smoothly, the mind too, needs its own feedback mechanism and reboot protocol in order to set itself to a composed state. So, we need to figure out various ways of restoring this balance, explore what we like to do to freshen up our mind, how we can cope up to stress, how we can stay peaceful amidst all the ruckus and how we can maintain the level our productivity. And lo, with some patience and a strong determination, we are just there!

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