C. Rajaji was born on December 10th 1878 at Thorappalli. He joined the Inc and participated in 1906 Calcutta conference. He participated in 1907 Surat conference and become a staunch follower of Gandhiji. During 1919 Rowlatt act he joined in Independence struggle. He was the leader of the Tamilnadu Congress during the Salt Satyagraha. Vedaranyam Salt Satyagraha was successfully made in 1925. He won the 1937 provincial election and become the Chief Minister of Madras presidency. In 1937 he enforced a ban on alcohol in Salem. Rajaji resigned as Chief Minister in October 1939 when the Congress cabinet resigned, condemning the use of Indians in World War II. He did not support the Quit India Movement. He was the first Governor Indian General of free India. 1952 he formed the ministry in Tamilnadu. During that time he introduced “Kula Kalvi Thittam”. It was opposed by Kamaraj and E.V.R and at last Rajaji resigned from Chief ministership in 1954. In 1956, He spoke at the Amritsar Congress Conference on the Dakshina Pradesh, which includes Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Later he resigned form Congress and started Swantandra party in 1959. He was the editor of Mahatma Gandhi’s Young India newspaper. He was often referred as ‘Chanakya’ for his diplomatic skills. His literary works: Published a book called Prison Notes (Siraivasa Kuripugal). He wrote a biography of Socrates in the book Gokrathar. ‘ Sakkravarthi Thirumagal’ book about Ramayana. ‘Vyasar Virundhu’ about Mahabaratham. He died on December 25, 1972.

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