“Typography is painting with words” ~ PAULA SCHER

Abstract: The Art of Design, a Netflix Documentary Series featured Paula Scher,
one of the most influential graphic designers in the world.

 She has the innate ability to create a distinctive body of work with just letters.
 Design needs to take human behavior into account.
 She gets her best ideas when her mind can freely observe and associate. She calls it ‘state of play’.
 Her work provides sensibility and spirit.
 Ideas can be triggered by working with a team.

Her work ethic is very strategic and intuitive. Strategic is when she observes exactly what the client wants. Because designing isn’t the hard part, persuading the people to consider it norm is the hard part. She is well knit with the team, very quick paced. She is a part of Pentagram- a large firm where everyone gets to act like an individual. It consists of the best designers in the world.

She’d been working with the Public theatre since 1994. Her work was always considered to be loud and proud. The
style that she used while designing a logo for Public was to use the same typeface to draw in the whole city, the same
typeface with different weight. Paula usually liked to relate with the very motive of the company that she is designing for.

For example, The logo she made for High Line, she made the H look like a railroad track. That itself made it seem industrial and neat. It totally changed the spirit. When she came up with attaching a picture of the same beach view from different streets. This helped orient people and emotionally connect the community and give the people identity and icon. 


She used to paint fonts by hand when she was younger. But when the world advanced with computers, that art form slowly faded away. The loss of touch and feel with her material was huge for her so she adapted painting maps. She loved indulging in things that took a long period to complete. 

She fell in love with typography after being influenced by contemporary culture comics, magazines, record covers. Her First job when she was a teenager was when she started doing record  labels for CBS. Her labels were on demand and she gained a lot of experience  from the same. 

She did exactly what her customer wanted to do most of the time. The more she worked on the covers, the more she realized she like to have control and  typography was meant for her.

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