Periyar E.V.Ramasamy

One of the best social reformers in Tamilnadu. He was born on September 17, 1879 in Erode. He was the son of a wealthy businessman Erode, Venkatappa and Chinna Thayammal. He got married at 13th year and renounced his life ar 19th year. By wearing saint dress he went to many holy places like Varanasi. He held different official positions of Erode that included the Chairmanship of Municipal Council (1918-1919). In the context of the rise of the non-Brahmin leaders such as Periyar and P. Varadarajulu, at the initiative of C. Rajaji. In 1919 he joined Congress. He was elected as the secretary of Madras state Congress Committee in 1921. During Non Co-operation movement Periyar was the head Madras Congress. In 1922, he was President of the Tamil Nadu Congress Committee. In Vaikom people protested against this practice. In the initial stages George Joseph of Madurai played big role. After the local leaders were arrested Periyar led the movement and was imprisoned. People hailed him as Vaikom Virar (Hero of Vaikom). Kellapan and T.K. Madhavan played a major role in Vaikom. In the meantime, he was disturbed by the caste- based discrimination in the dining hall at the Cheranmadevi Gurukulam (School). It was run by V.V Subramaniam (a Congress leader) with the financial support of the Tamil Nadu Congress Committee. In 1925, Kanchipuram session Periyar tried to pass the resolution of Reservation in Government services for non-brahmins but in vain. This made him to quit Congress in 1925.

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