Who is an adult? One who is 18 years or above. 
India is the country with more than half of the population of people between 18-45 years age group. 
Till the age of 18 a person attains physical, mental and social maturity. He has grown in all aspects. He is well aware of what's wrong and what's right for him. 
After 18 a person is able to live and survive in this world alone. He starts learning. He can enter the world of competition and race, where it's not necessary that he must win but it's important for him to compete. To be at a better place, he should develop his personality, his knowledge, he has to look inside himself and find out his full potential. He has to find ways to explore his capabilities. He has to establish his connections in the world, he has to create a chain of events that will help him reach success. 
The youth has an ability, strength, thinking power, confidence and innovative thoughts which can help him grow and can contribute to the development of the nation too. The only necessity is realization. The young people of the country should realize their responsibilities of being a youth not for the nation, not for the society, not for the parents, but for themselves first. It will eventually benefit parents, society and the nation. If the brick is strong, the building will naturally be strong.
It's a fact that you never value something which is in a huge quantity. The value is realized by the scarcity. Youth population of India is a boon for the country, but it's turning into a ban as the productive population of India is not concerned neither about themselves nor about the nation. 
Being an adult doesn't only mean that a person is eligible for voting. There are so many situations where you have to behave as an adult. It is said that charity begins at home. Similarly if you want to change the nation first you have to change yourself and your behavior at home. 
Generally in India parents are possessive of their children. They never let their child grow up. They continue to pamper them, and feed them. A child grows into an adult physically but not mentally. Parents don't give responsibilities to their children. If children ask for it they don't allow them to do so. 
In short, Indian parents are hypocrites. They expect two different things from their children at the same time. They want their children to be successful. To be a man of good name and fame. At the same time they want to pamper them. They don't leave them alone. They don't want them to struggle. They want to give them every luxury.  They don't want them to face the same hardship they had faced. They earn for their child's pleasure, comfort and happiness. 
They don't realize that all these facilities and comfort they are providing to their children is making them dependent, lazy, and unproductive. They would never struggle in their life if they get everything so easily. 
Parents provide all the facilities and then control them and their freedom. If a child doesn't listen to them they feel bad that their child does not value their sacrifices and facilities they have been given. 
Therefore the first and foremost step every person, who is above 18, should take is to be independent of their parents. They should be transparent. It must be clear to his parents from the very beginning that he wants to earn his pocket money on his own. He has to work and study simultaneously. This makes a child a mature adult and productive citizen. 
When a person attains the age of 18 he has a fresh and innovative mind. He knows how to create new things which can bring a change in the world. Like Newton and Charles Babbage.
This universe has given everyone a unique identity and an amazing talent. Another person can help explore your talent but finding out that talent, having realization of  the ability comes from within you. Some people become successful in finding a gem from the innermost corner of themselves and some easily spoil their life. 
Let's say if 75% of the population of India is youth, only 25% of them are giving output to the nation and contributing to its growth. Rest all are either busy scrolling social media, engaged in drug activities, some are being terrorists, some are being smugglers and some are roaming around in the streets and staring at girls. 
Nowadays people don't want to struggle but want all the facilities. All want success but nobody wants to pay blood and sweat for it. Nobody gains anything until you give something. Every drop of water makes up the huge ocean and hence development of an individual is far more necessary than of the entire nation. If every individual will develop, society and nation automatically will develop. 

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