Hello readers as the festive season as arrived in India, let’s get to know about the festivals celebrated in India.

Festivals are the Indian culture that add spices to the Indian Cuisine, the most wonderful form of the celebration. The main reason is India is known for its diversity. And this line gives the reason to celebrate every festival with enthusiasm. Be it wearing Santa hats on Christmas or lighting the house with diya in Diwali, every festival is welcomed with great celebration and happiness.

Here are some festivals to witness celebrated by every India with great unanimous.


It is a 7days long carnival celebrated on the land of God, Kerela. This brings people of Kerala together to perform in the crowded street, feasts, and boat race and more!  Celebrating Onam in Kerala gives you the unforgettable joy and experience.


Onam is flourishing festival observed by Malayalis as they welcome the legendry King Mahabali.


Holi is celebrated on the victory of good over evil. During this people apply colours on each other. Dry or wet no matter this festival is enjoyed by every individual in India. Holi is counted in one of the famous festivals celebrated. People arranges pool partis, dance and enjoy eating sweets.


The Holi festival is a symbol of victory over evil, according to the mythology it is said prince Prahlad killed Holika, sister of King Hiranyakaship. It is also beginning of spring season.


Raksha Bandhan is very popular festival celebrated in India. This festival is celebrated to highlight the relationship between sisters and brothers. This festival denotes that it is brother’s responsibility to take care of his siter during ups and downs.  The Rakhi signifies the promise made brother to his sister.


This festival is dedicated to all the brothers and sister’s bond.


This festival is famous in Maharashtra state, it is also important in India too. The reason behind celebrating this festival is the birth of Lord Ganesh. This festival is witnessed for 5-11 days.


The birth of Lord Shiva and Parvati’s son, Ganesh with elephant head gave the reason for celebrating this enthusiastic festival.


It is one of the most famous festival celebrated across the world. It is a festival where Christians welcome Lord Jesus. No doubt the Santa gets all the attention of children for dropping chocolates and gifts for them. It is believed that Santa fulfils all the wishes asked by children during Christmas.  Christmas is a day where people decorate their house with lights and even Christmas tree is decor.


Christmas is celebrated worldwide. On this day Lord Jesus Christ was born.

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