Knowledge means understanding of something such as facts, information, description and skills. It is the source of power to man and this distinguishes him from other creatures of the universe. However man is genuinely more vulnerable than numerous creatures, for he can’t see similar to a bird, nor can lift heavy weights as certain creatures. In any case he is the most remarkable animal on earth. This power essentially comes to him from information not from actual strength. ‘Knowledge is power’ implies that a man has instruction and a full oversight on his life by utilizing the strength of information. This means a person has the resources to express his views dynamically and make intelligent decisions based on his every day situations, awareness and understanding.

Kim Harrison Quote: “Knowledge is Power. Ignorance is Bliss. But curiosity  – even if it had killed

Ignorance, nonetheless, is “an absence of information, instruction, or mindfulness”. Knowledge is amazing, indeed, however a few people think it is incredible to pick when you need to know and proficient in something. This is the reason ignorance is bliss for some individuals. While knowledge is something you can decide to have, ignorance is picking whether you need to have a specific information. In any case, having an “ignorance is bliss” mindset is like people who love to procrastinate. They realize they have a forthcoming cutoff time, yet they fear the possibility of managing it, thus they delay it until they can no longer do so. Ultimately, they’ll encounter the cutoff time. Is ignorance truly euphoria? You can decide to not know something, however sooner or later, whatever information you’re attempting to keep away from will introduce itself to you. Knowledge is genuinely power, as you have control.

In any case, we can’t deny the way that sometimes “ignorance is bliss”. For instance, imagine a situation wherein an exceptionally giant meteor will hit earth. Having the information on this you will attempt each conceivable thing to save earth. You will attempt to change the predetermination. Eventually, you will either be successful or not. Notwithstanding, in case you were totally ignorant about this reality you would have proceeded with your life or would have attended parties, not realizing the end is near. The person that have the knowledge about the incoming meteorite may have the power to change something but he or she can never experience happiness or bliss at that kind of situation knowing their impending demise. He may get miserable or cry over the way that world is reaching a end.

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